Friday, October 28, 2011

Retro Review of Halloween 4 and Halloween 5.

No one can doubt the cultural influence that the first "Halloween" had on the world.  John Carpenter's horror classic is still today one of the most effective  movies of all time.  It earns it scares by letting you care about these characters and gives hem some real tension when danger appears.  I'll even give some credit to it's sequel  for having majority of it confide in one place.   It would be nerve wrecking to be stuck in a Hospital  when you can't move and there is a killer stalking you.  In this review I am going to focus on  the continuing adventures of Michael Myers.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.( 1988)

Cast: Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris

Writers: Alan B Mcroy, Larry Ratner, Danny Lipsius, and Benjamin Ruffner

Director: Dwight H. Little.

**'s out of four.


Halloween 4 takes place ten years after the events of the first two.   In this movie Laurie Stode from the first movie  has died and her Daughter Jamie played by Danielle Harris( She was also well known as Bruce Willis' daughter in "The Last Boyscout") goes to live with her step parents.  It's never really explained how they are all related, but that's sort of irrelevant.  Anyways Michael Myers finds out that Jamie is his  niece and goes out to find and kill her.  What he has against the women in his family I'll never know, but that can be saved for another discussion.  While Michael kills people to get her, Dr. Sam Loomis(Donald Pleasence) also is determined to find and stop him.

This is a very mild "R" rated movie because most of the kills happened off screen.  You only get to see a few of them, and the only one that was gory was Myers ripping some dude's throat out with his bare hands.  This almost looks like a T.V. movie more than a theatrical feature.  Harris and Pleasence are the only two interesting characters on screen.  The rest of the cast is really nothing more than cattle for Myers to kill.  Either they are introduced briefly who have had the misfortune of meeting Michael or they are just assholes who deserve to get kill.  Rachel Carruthers( Elle Cornelle) was written to be sympathetic character, but she comes off as kind of a bitch.    The mask worn by the killer in this one is not scary at all.  It almost makes Myers look like a mime.  Seriously look at this.  I almost expect him to be doing some sort of routine instead of killing people.

NOTE*****.  This next part will have spoilers so if you haven't seen it  please scroll down to the next review.  For all others read on.

After Michael is shot and falls through a mine shaft( hmm I wonder if he survived).  Were back at the home with Dr. Loomis and  the rest of the survivors.  Jamie puts on a mask and stabs her mother with a pair of scissors just like the opening scene from the first "Halloween".  It ends with  Jamie covered in blood walking down the stairs and Loomis screaming in horror.   This makes no absolutely no sense, but it's wtf moment had me curious to see what happened next.  I just wished the fifth movie would cut back and forth between Myers hunting his niece and show Jamie's descent into being a soulless killer just like her uncle, but instead we get this next entry.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of  Michael Myers (1989)

Cast: Danielle Harris, Wendy Foxworth

Writers: Michael Jacobs, Dominque Othenin-Girard, Shem Bitterman

Director: Dominque Othenin-Girard

1/2* out of four


The credit sequence is sort of cool with the violent carving of a pumpkin, but the credit sequences of both "Halloween" and "Halloween II" are way creepier.  Michael is shown to have survived the fourth movie( I know. I was surprised too.) and goes on another killing spree to find and kill his niece   Jamie has survived the attacks but is at a children's clinic can no longer talk.  Instead she has a psychic link with her homicidal uncle and can see things that he sees.  Loomis believes this girl is the key to finding Myers and stop him once and for all.

Of course this wouldn't be a horror movie without the dumb teenagers, and wow these kids are poster models for how good abortion is.  Tina(Wendy Foxworth) is the wacky friend of Rachel.  She is  really annoying and never gives the audience any reason to sympathise with her.  Some have called her fun loving and care free, but she cares more about herself than anyone else.   She's dating a  complete doucebag who is more interested in his car than in her.  In one moment Jamie tries to warn her about Myers, but all she wants to do is party.  That's usually the first thing I want to do when a homicidal maniac is on the hunt for someone I know.  Harris and Pleasence really ham it up for the cameras and there  is a lot of bad laughable acting between them.  At least they got the right look of the mask in this one.   Myers is more menacing in this one and they show you more of the kills too.  The movie tries it's best to build suspense and terror, but  it made me just laugh.

                                 Giving someone the wrong directions could cost you your life.  .

 Both movies along with the original "Halloween" can be seen on 


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