Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TheVern's top 4 scariest movies.

I apologize about being so late between articles, but I got stuck working late.  Thanks for reading.

I tired to think of five movies that would be perfect for Halloween, and although there are tons of really good horror films that I like.  None of them have giving me more nightmares than the four listed here.  Now many of you will  find these choices to be sort of odd, because two of them are not even listed in this genre.  Still they have managed to effect me  in way no other movie has or will since.

Dead Girl.

                                (DVD Box Art)

Two boys discover a lady tied up in a abandoned basement.  She has no pulse, skin is slightly cold, and she can never die . The best part is that nobody knows who or where she is.  The boys decide to use the girl as their own personal sex slave, but when she starts to decompose.  The two devise a plan to capture a much more younger girl and get her infected with whatever their dead girl has. 

This is a rare horror film in which the supposed monster is actually the victim and the "normal"  humans are the one who are awful. It was a great relief to have her escape at one point and do some ultimate damage. This is the first time I have seen zombies used for sex in a movie, and  I admire writer Trent Haaga for changing  a familiar genre into something odd and disturbing.


                          (French Theatrical Poster)

It's tough telling readers what is disturbing about this movie without giving away the ending.  The movie is about a young girl who escapes after years of abuse from her kidnappers.  Years later she befriends another abused girl and the two of them both discover the home of where their captives have lived.

What happens next is just pure insanity.  There is way too many twists for me to give away even one,.  The ending puts you through an emotional wash and might spark some  debate amongst some of you who see it.  There is talks of an American remake, but avoid this at all costs.  They want to change the ending to something a bit more wholesome.  Horror movies don't need happy endings.  Let's not forget what a travesty the remake of "The Vanishing" was.


                                      (Theatrical Poster)

To understand my fear of this well loved classic.  I have to take you back to when I was just six years old and my family went on a vacation to Universal Studios in California.  I was enjoying seeing Woody Woodpecker, and I thought the Frankenstein Monster was kind of cool.  The bus stopped alongside a small lake and there sat a guy in a rowboat fishing.  Suddenly a huge fin appeared and made it's way to the boat.  I began screaming because I knew what was approaching, but the man couldn't hear me.  I tried getting the attention of the other people on the bus but my mom told me to sit quiet and keep still.   The fin got closer and toppled the man over board, and that's when the blood appeared.   Tears were streaming down my face as I cried for the death of the fisherman.  That's when the shark appeared with in 5 feet of my face.

Since than I could no longer go near anything that resembled that shark.  In our local video store I had to avoid entire sections so I wouldn't have to look at the box art.  My dad feeling frustrated that his boy was scared of a picture decided right than and there that we would watch "Jaws" together. He held me on his lab and although he kept telling me the shark was fake.  At six years old that shark looked pretty damn real to me.  I ended up enjoying the movie immensely but I still had nightmares later on.  A few days later I was finally able  to walk past that section in the video store and it helped nurture my love of being scared and for horror films.  Today I still get a little freaked out when I watch it again.  It's one of those movies that still causes me to have nightmares after I see it.


                           (Cannes Theatrical Poster)

Of all the movies I have seen through out my years.  None have effected me so strongly that this French tale of revenge.   The movie begins at the end where two men have  viciously killed another.  It continues backwards where you find out that one of the men is on the hunt for someone who has attacked his girlfriend. 

 "Irreversible" is known for two scenes of extreme disturbing violence.  One of them involves a man being beat to death with a fire extinguisher. The other involves  the rape of women played by Monica Bellucci    I have never seen violence played on screen so realistically the way it was shown here.  It almost made me feel like I was the one who was being attacked.  Alot of people say that the rape scene goes on way too long, and I admit that I almost shut the movie off because of it.   But director Gaspar Noe presents that scene all in one shot with no fancy cuts.  The length of that scene makes sense because in most movies when this sort of crime happens it's over within a minute.  To most victims of this kind of abuse it can last forever and this movie shows us that.

The movie does have wonderful cinematography from Benoit Debie and Gaspar Noe, Great score from Thomas Bangalter(Daft Punk) and it has some really great performances from the rest of it's cast as well.  The scenes with real life couple Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are so damn beautiful, I can't simply regard this as being exploitive.   I have only seen this once but I still have nightmares about it every once in a while.


  1. surprised Irreversible is in a list of scary films, however it is one of my favourite film, The 10 minute rape scene is haunting, and the Fire extinguisher scene is brilliant watching a mans face getting flatten inch by inch is incredible...