Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Vern looks at Jessica Chastain and is highly impressed.

                                            (Image link)

Jessica Chastain is one talented actress and a woman who is just uber hot.  Hell even the scar her character received in "The Debt" wouldn't have prevented me from wanting to kiss those lips.   She has a nice body, but isn't obsessed about her weight.  She looks like the type of woman who enjoys going out for a cheeseburger from time to time.

The Videovangaurd is proud to present a look at this one of a kind talent with pictures and videos.

The Films.


                                    (pic from the movie "Jolene".  Image link

This is her first role in a film and I'm a bit upset that I have not yet seen this yet.  In "Jolene" Jessica plays the title character who hooks up with a bunch of different men and woman on her cross country journey.    Will have to check this out soon.

The Debt.

         (Jessica Chastain and Sam Worthington in "The Debt".  Image Link)

 This is a really well told thriller about three spies whose mission is to capture a Nazi war criminal in 1963.  Jessica Chastain plays the younger version of Helen Mirren's character  Rachel Singer.  The similarities between the two actresses is uncanny. The scenes Jessica has with Jesper Christensen are intense, lurid and oh so suspenseful.   If you missed this in theatres I highly recommend checking it out

(Jessica Chastain in a sexy dress on Conan)

The Help.

                        (Looking hot with blond hair in "The HelpImage Link)

Many of you will probably recognize her from this blockbuster hit.  I have not seen this so I can't tell if this was any good but  she does look hot with her blond hair, and oh so sexy top.  I'm just glad she did not get rid of the red permanently.

(Interview with Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer)

The Tree of Life.

           (So damn beautiful in this pic from  "The Tree of Life".  Image link.)

This is probably the first thing I have seen her in, and I fell both in lust and in love with this red headed beauty.   The images of her floating in air or playing with her sons may confuse most people, but I found them to be very lyrical and poetic.  "The Tree of Life" is a very poetic movie, and Miss Chastain is a perfect entity in that poem.

(Jessica Chastain talks about her role in "The Tree of Life")

Take Shelter.

 (Jessica Chastain and Tova Stewart in "Take Shelter"Image link.)

In this drama Jessica plays the wife of a man who strongly believes that a huge storm is coming to destroy his home.  Jessica is great in this role of a women who loves her husband despite the stress her husband( Michael Shannon) causes with his apocalyptic images, which may or may not be real. 

Texas Killing Fields

Jessica re teams with her "The Debt" co star Sam Worthington and Chloe Grace Moretz in this thriller based on a real life case about a killer in a rural area.  I have not seen this, but based on this trailer above.  This is one I want to check out soon.

More Pictures.

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