Monday, October 10, 2011

ZombiePubCrawl and Horror Movie Picks 10/10/2011

Last Saturday I attended the ZombiePubCrawl with a horde of other deadites for a night of just plain fun.   Sadly I did not take the time to be a zombie this year, because I was stuck at work and did not have time to go home and change and put on my zombie ware.   I still had a great night with friends and, saw some kick ass bands at the 400 Bar.  One of them even invited me to hang out back stage with her band and others which was extremely nice.

I'll post pics of the night later on, but first the movies.

Juan of The Dead.

One of the most popular movies to come out of this year's fantastic fest is this tale of a different  sort of Revolution.  A zombie Apocolyapse has broken out in the country of Cuba and it is up to one man to help save his friends.  The trailer looks very funny and extremely gory.  Not the "I'm going to throw up gore", but the kind you love to see in these kind of films.  The only problem I have is the title, because it rhymes so close with "Shaun Of The Dead".  Even though neither film has nothing to do with each other.  I would have called  this "Jose Of The Dead" as an homage to the George A  Romero classic, and yes I do say classic.  "Day of The Dead".

You're Next.

                             (Photo Courtesy of

The story involves a group of masked killers who invade a family's home on their summer vacation, but what they didn't suspect was one of their victims to be a challenge.  I wish this had a trailer because it  already sounds like "The Strangers" crossed with "Home Alone".  This also was a mild hit at Fantastic Fest and looks to be heading to theatres some time next year. Click on title to read more at

ZPC 2011

Here are some random pics I took of this year's fest.  A few of them may be blurry, but I never said I was a professional.

                      Not even dark yet and already someone is too drunk.

  Some good ole' fashion songs about brains to entertain the undead.

                     Fuzzy Machete.  I love these girls.

         This is just one of the coolest looking pics in my opinion. 

        This is what happens after you find Waldo.   Be Careful.

                  Jettison Juliet.  Another group of ladies that I love.

                                Still creeps the shit out of me.

                                   I love this girl's eyes.

The Guy in the middle was a great zombie, because he looked dead to me.

This girl got angry after I took her picture without asking, but I love her reaction.

         Did Slash die before or after he played guitar for Michael Jackson

   Nicole from Rape Door.   Seeing them live is an experience that can't be described.(Click link to have a quick taste)


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