Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Skin I live in: Movie Review

The Skin I live in.

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya

Writers:  Thierry Jonquet(Novel), Pedro Almodovar(Screenplay)

Director: Pedro Almodovar.

**'s out of four

 "The Skin I live In" opened a week before "Puss in Boots" in my hometown, and after seeing this movie I might go check out the other one because it would be exciting to see Antonio Banderas play two completely different characters in two different movies.  It also would be nice to have people check this one out and have no idea about how wild and crazy this story gets.  I won't go too deep in to what the story is about  because the less you know the more you will enjoy it.

Robert Ledgard(Banderas) is a successful surgeon who is developing a new type of synthetic skin for burn victims.  His latest experiment is on a woman named Vera Cruz( Elena Anaya) who is held prisoner there. The two end up falling in love after Robert kills a man for raping her.   The movie tracks back six years earlier to when they first met. 

I've never seen Banderas play a demented villain before, but I was sort of disturbed by his some of his actions.  He makes the doctor from "The Human Centipede: First Sequence" look like Captain Kangaroo.  The story works well in having you expect something and than twisting it.  The only problem I have is that after you know how she got captured it takes a while for the conclusion to take place. It's hard for me to say anymore without giving any secrets away.    The ending may be different for each viewer and how you interpret it  is up to you. 

If you are into movies that are different and odd by all means seeks this out because you will enjoy it's odd behavior.  For all others who only know Antonio Banderas from "Spy Kids" and "Desperado" see this movie because I will enjoy watching your disturbed reactions to this.

(Interesting yet bizarre trailer. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics )