Thursday, November 17, 2011

TheVern's late review of "Your Highness"

Your Highness

Cast: Danny McBride, James Franco

Director: David Gordon Green

*  out of four

When this movie began I was laughing. It had really good jokes and the characters were very different from what you would normally see in other fantasy movies. Instead of doing a parodies of other movies in this genre. This one had the potential to be a complete orignal. However somewhere after the first 35 minutes someone forgot that the movie was suppose to be funny.

In this medeival tale we meet Prince Fabious(James Franco) a very brave and noble knight whose bride(Zooey Deschanel) has been kidnapped by the evil Leezar(Justin Theroux). In an attempt to rescue his bride he enlists the help of his brother Thadeous(Danny McBride) who is not as competant and brave as he should be. Durring thier quest they meet up with a very skilled fighter named Isabel(Natalie Portman) who wants to destroy Leezar as well. But all Thadeous wants is to have sex with her. Well at least he has high priorities.

(Thadeous is a tool. Clip Curtosey of 20th Century Fox)

In most of these comedies the one brother that is labled a goof up is actually really sweet and humble. While the suave and succesful brother is only interested in himself and not in the welfare of others. This movie shows us that Thadeous is indeed a screw up who is only jealous of his brother's succsess. He finds it unfair that Fabious gets to go out on quests while he stays behind, but he never actually volenteers to help out at all. He wants to take credit and get the reward, but not do any of the work. Fabious on the other hand is actually a real nice guy who generally cares for his brother no matter what trouble he gets into. There could have been a great moment where the brothers bonded, but I'm sure that would be too damn sappy. After all this is a raunchy "R" rated comedy right.

When they decided to edit down "The King's Speech" from an R to a PG-13. It was a dumb idea, because the use of the F word was important to the story and to the main character's development. The use of foul langauage in "Your Highness" was like watching a five year old discover the "F" word. Yes it's very funny the first few times, you hear it(much like farting) but than it becomes really old, really fast. This one could have easily been edited down to a PG-13  and probably made more money.

(Another unfunny moment. Clip Curtosey of 20th Century Fox)

If they were going to keep this as a restricted movie I wish they would get into some more taboo subjects or at least have more nudity in it. The actors all do a decent enough job with the script and this could have been a great 30 minute pilot. Sadly there's just not enough weight to carry this for a  full 90 minutes.