Friday, November 18, 2011

The Weekend Watch: 11-18-2011

Sorry about the lateness of these articles the past few weeks.  I have been extremely busy and have not had time to write any thing for this site in a while.   We got some movies being released so lets get to them. 

Keep in mind not all of the movies reviewed will be available where you live. So check the listings before heading out.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Everybody's favorite sparkle skinned character Edward and his new wife Bella are back in this fourth movie of the popular franchise.  I have not seen any of these flicks and I don't plan to.  Sorry, but they just don't appeal to me.  Maybe if I was a teenage girl I could find this interesting but I don't.  The other ones have done tremendous business and I have no doubt this will do the same too.

Happy Feet Two

This looks bad.  It's like taking a Kidz Bop C.D. and putting the music to a C.G.I. movie with penguins.  The sad thing is that the songs I once loved, I now cringe in horror when hearing in them in this trailer

The Descendants.

George Clooney stars in new comedy from Alexander Payne(Sideways) about a single father trying his best to raise his teenage daughters.  There has been a lot of critical praise about Clooney's performance, but I did not find the trailer that appealing.  I hope the movie is better.


The beginning of this trailer tries to sell you on the main character's secret, but you can tell right away what it is.  I'm reminded of another french film called "Ma Vie en Rose" which tackles the same subject matter but in a much better way.


A violent alcoholic becomes friends with an abused women who finds comfort with him.  The trailer features praises from it's main cast, but I'll haft to wait til this comes out on DVD because I might have to watch certain scenes with subtitles to understand the story.  I'm not saying that's bad it's just how I prefer to watch it. 

 Rid Of Me.

A woman becomes depressed and changes her appearance after being dumped by her fiance.  Her new attitude doesn't sit well with her old friends and so begins the social class warfare.   This one tries to hard to be an indie style movie for me to even care.  Besides I have a feeling that everyone who was against this woman at first will grow to love her

I will be back before Thanksgiving to give you a list of what to see after you get done stuffing your face.

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