Thursday, December 1, 2011

Footloose 2011: Late Movie Review


Cast:  Dennis Quaid, Kenny Wormald

Writers:  Dean Pitchford, Craig Brewer

Director: Craig Brewer

*** out of four stars.

Most of you will automatically hate this movie before even watching it because you have such a fondness of the original.  Which makes sense because it's what you grew up with and you are familiar with those characters and those songs.  I myself am against the whole idea of remakes in the first place, but this new version is like The Super Nintendo compared to the original NES.

The story is the same.  Ren MacCormack(Kenny Wormald) has moved to a small town that has abolished dancing after a car accident took the lives of some of it's young students.  While there he gets the attention of a preacher's daughter(Julianne Hough) and others to challenge the system and dance the night away.  Now it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that these kids can do some really complex dance moves since most of the clubs have closed down, but I'm willing to forgive that little notion. 

What sets this one apart from the original is that this one is a little bit more diverse. This town has both white and black kids who listen to many different genres of music including, rap, rock, and country.  Many of the iconic songs that you remembered are covered in very entertaining ways that made me smile rather than groan.    I even liked that they show you at the beginning  the accident that caused dancing to be outlawed.  This way you can have a bit of an understanding of why these law were passed.  The actors all do a pretty convincing good job with their roles, but there are some moments where they overact just a bit.  However that is a small flaw in a otherwise entertaining flick.  To be honest I didn't much care for Footloose when I saw it back in the 80's but I really liked this version.


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