Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Neighbors Movie Review. Good Greif.

Good Neighbors

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire

Writers: Chrystine Brouillet( Novel), Jacob Tierney( Screenplay)

Director: Jacob Tierney

Zero stars out of four.

 This movie is a great example at how much a screenplay can matter to the finish product.  A good screenplay can make a movie with bad lighting and cinematography just shine.  Unfortunately for this movie, no good visuals alone can help save it from being disappointing.

The trailer would have you believing that this is a clever whodunit story about three neighbors living in an apartment complex where a serial killer has been lurking.  All of them have private quirks so that leads to suspicions that one of them might be the killer.  The problem is that you find out way too soon who the actual  killer is and than it tries to be smart by introducing another killer who than tries to frame one of their murders on one of the other neighbors.   But that whole section was just showing you the set up but not letting you see the payoff.   If the filmmakers would  have worked a little bit more on the ending, it could have been a very descent watch, but instead  it falls flat.

I know adapting a book to screen can be tough, and I don't really mind if movies are not completely faithful to the source material.  However there is way too many missing character plot points in this for the story to make sense. I would have like to see three separate short sections from the perspective of each of the main characters, then show what really happened at the end.(Just like "Clue" )  Plus they could have punched up the interest level of these characters a bit more.  I did not find any of them intriguing in any way.  The Goddamn cats had better screen presence than these three.

There is a murder scene that I'm sure on page is very raw and disturbing, because you have more insights into the characters.  But on screen it has little or no effect on my emotions.

Good Neighbors is streaming on Netflix now.