Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Help stop Protect IP & SOPA Bills from becoming laws.

I rarely get political because I find both the extreme liberals and the extreme conservatives to be both EXTREMELY insane.  Now I read that Congress is trying to pass a bill that would make posting clips of movies and music online a criminal offense.   That's right the next time you want to show your friend that cool new video from that one band with the hot chick  You could go to jail for five years and face a hefty fine.  Even sites that you love could be removed permanently if they post one video or picture without consent from the studios.  This bill tries to tell you that it's protecting the artists but it's only interest is protecting the corporations.     Record companies and movie studios are scared if their artists begin making money through another venue besides them, because that means soon they may become as obsolete as an Ethernet cable.

Yes I know I'm late posting this article, but please tell your friends and family to write or call your congress and ask them to please put a stop to this bill.  The net should be controled by people not companies. 

Click on each link to learn more and to help put a stop to interent censorship.

American Censorship Day

Don't Censor The Net

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