Friday, December 30, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the best in the series.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Cast: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg

Writers:  Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec

Director: Brad Bird

**** out of four.

           (Theatrical Teaser Poster: Curtosey of Paramount Pictures)

I had really low expectations from this flick after being sorely disappointed with the other movies in this franchise.  The whole point of a mission impossible story is that it is a team effort, but all the other movies did was just focus on Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise). and nothing else.   I'm sort of surprised this got released now instead of during the summer because this is the kind of cinema junk food I crave.  It has mostly non stop action and it has characters that are funny or at least interesting to watch.

I'll explain the basic plot line although you don't go to see one of these flicks because of the story.   Ethan Hunt and his crew have a mission to obtain nuclear bomb codes from deep inside the Kremlin in Russia.  When a bomb accidentally goes off, they get blamed for the accident and become disavowed.  Without any help or protection of the government they seek out to obtain the codes.

              (Photo: Curtosey of Paramount Pictures)

Brad Bird's direction of animated films is a perfect choice for this movie, because he has the ability to make the unbelievable realistic and fun.  This is not the kind of  movie you see for a complex story line or ones with heavy emotional characters and situations.  This is one of those that is just a lot of fun and has some really breathtaking moments   Some of those moments in IMAX are quite astounding if you get a chance.  Simon Pegg("Hot Fuzz") stands out as Benji the teams computer expert while the sexy Lea Seydoux("Midnight in Paris") is just awesome as an assassin out to kill them.  Tom Cruise's character is a bit more appealing than he was in the other sequels and I really wish this would have been the second one in this series.

Once in a while it's good to go out and get some fast food and this is probably the best type I have had in a while.  Usually I would become upset at the thought of a fifth film but after seeing what new direction Brad Bird did with this I'm intrigued to see more.


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