Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review of Michael Fassbender in "Shame"


Cast: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan

Writers: Abi Morgan, Steve McQueen

Director: Steve McQueen

***'s out of four.

Brandon Sullivan(Michael Fassbender) has a problem.  It's a problem that I'm sure we all wish we had, but after you watch this flick.  You'll be glad that you don't.   Brandon's problem is that he is a sex addict.  I'm sure there will be a few that read this who will say.  "Sounds like an awesome addiction to have. Shit. I think I might be a sex addict".    Trust me after you watch this flick you'll be disturbed at how far he will go to feed his addiction. 

When the movie began I'll admit it I was sort of envious of Brandon's life.  After all he has a great job, an awesome apartment, and he's an attractive guy who has no problem getting girls to take interest in him.  Brandon doesn't take time to really know anyone, so he sticks to mainly fucking prostitutes or sneaking away at work to go jack off in the bathroom.  It doesn't matter where or how he gets his fix.  Just as long as he gets it.  When his sister Sissy Sullivan (Carey Mulligan) unexpectedly drops by.  It throws his world into an upheaval because her problems are in ways similar to his.  She's not a sex addict, but her self destructive nature forces him to take a closer examination of himself.

Director Steve McQueen avoids giving us any reason why Brandon is the way that he is. Nor does it give us any easy solution to his problems.  He is a guy who is so far gone into his addiction that even when someone shows a genuine interest.  He immediately looses any sexual excitement he might have had. This is not an easy role to portray and Michael Fassbender does an incredible job at it.   There were times that I almost felt I was experiencing the same pain he was going through, and it was amazing.  Carey Mulligan's performance is very wonderful as well and her cover of  Frank Sinatra's"New York, New York", just breaks my heart.  The only problem it has is that there are some moments where it does lag a bit, but I was never bored watching it.

Many of you may shy away from this movie because of it's graphic subject matter, but this is not a pornographic flick.  Despite the full frontal nudity(both male and female) and hardcore sex acts.  This is not a movie that will arouse or excite you.   It is a movie that makes you feel lucky with what you got. Because I have no interest in switching lives with this character anytime soon.