Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 10 Trailers of 2011

Damn It's been one hell of an exciting year for movies, and what makes it so exciting is all the really cool trailers we got.  A good trailer for me  doesn't  tell you the whole story, but it does get me interested. A lot of times the trailer can be better than the actual movie itself. 

Here is my list of what the best trailers of 2011 were( and I'm usually right too)

Click on the highlighted titles to read my review of the movie itself



I know many people did not like this movie, but when I saw this trailer I got very interested. It's too bad the final product was a complete waste, but I do like this ad.  Hearing a "Lords of Acid" song in a mainstream theatre with families before a superhero flick was a nice thing to see. I'm glad the actual movie had a good soundtrack otherwise I would have really hated this.


The Skin I Live In.

I love bizarre messed up movies and nothing is more bizarre than the latest from Pedro Almadovar. This one does manage to have heartwarming moments despite all the craziness surrounding it.


Fright Night 2011

The trailer for this remake was actually a lot of fun. I liked seeing that they were going to go a new route with this story, but I really hated the main character and thought he was a complete tool for me to care.


Super 8

This got me really excited to check this out because it reminded me of those great Spielberg flicks from back in the day. As much as I had a problem with the final product, the trailer is still very enjoyable If you want a fun different type of alien invasion flick check out "Attack The Block"


We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Tilda Swinton stars as a mother who believes her own son is against her from the day he is born in this very interesting thriller. I have not seen this but I really want to.


Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark.

The trailer for this scared me more than all of "Paranormal Activity 3". A really good and creepy ghost story that should be right up my ally. Too bad the rest of the movie didn't deliver the scares.



One of the most inventive premises for a movie I have ever seen. A tire that can kill you with telepathic powers.  I'm glad it's a full feature but it could have been just a fake trailer and I would still put it on my list.



A very beautiful haunting trailer about a subject we know very little of. The use of "New York New York" gave me chills, I love it.



I love this trailer because it tells you that this is going to be an action movie, but with it's use of classical music and camera techniques. It isn't going to be one that you are going to expect


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  2011

Everyone did a parody or homage of this after it was released. That is why it is at the number one spot. I don't know who edits David Fincher's trailers but I wish more movies used him because he is brilliant. This would be in my list for best trailers of all time

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