Friday, August 12, 2011

The Vern looks closely at Sofia Coppola.....and her movies.

There are going to be people who will disagree with me on this,but I find Sofia Coppola to be one of the best directors out right now. Yes I would put her in the same ranks as Christopher Nolan and Darren Aronofsky(to name a few). She has a distinct visual style that you can see in each film and it doesn't matter where you start watching. You'll know right away that it's a Coppola picture. Now some of you may comment that her films are boring because all it has is people talking. Well if you are use to just action movies,you would be right. Coppola is not that type of director. She writes stories about character developments and does that not only through spoken dialogue, but also internal dialogue as well. There is a great moment in "Lost in Translation" when Bob Harris(Bill Murray) is taking pictures for the whiskey ad. He is cracking jokes and puns throughout the whole scene. but you can tell he feels isolated, and alone.

The Videovangaurd decides to take a look at this celebrated director's career.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Videovangaurd presents: The Weekend Watch 08/05/2011

Hello everybody. I hope you are all doing well,and enjoying the last day of your weekend.  Again I apologize about the lateness in this post. Usually I like to put this list up on Friday so you can plan your movie viewings accordingly but I got tied up with doctor visits and job interviews. This week's post is not going to cover every movie that came out, but it will include some that are not being advertised heavily.

 Note*** These are not reviews. I am simply expressing my opinion based solely on the trailer.