Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Oscar Nominations and Surprises

Allright folks I just wanted to post a quick article highlighting some of the surprise nominees this year. If you want the whole list.  Click here.

  2011 Oscar Nominees


Melissa McCarthy:  Best Supporting Actress

Kirstin Wiig, Annie Mumolo::  Best Original Screenplay

A gross out comedy like this getting any sort of respect is a huge deal. I know it won't actually win any, but I'm really glad that it's being nominated for these awards.  These ladies should be very proud. 

The Tree of Life:

Best Picture:

Terrence Malick:  Best Director

Emmanuel Lubezki:  Best Cinematography

I hope these nominations will inspire more people to check this out.  Not everyone is going to love it, but no one can deny that this is an amazing achievement.  It is  a film that will be a classic in ten years.


Nick Nolte:  Best Supporting Actor.

I'm glad this movie is getting recognition from the Academy, because it seems to be forgotten by the public at large. Although a lot of people I talked to have praised this movie highly.   I have not yet seen this movie( I can't see everything. Sorry), but will be checking it out soon.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Gary Oldman: Best Actor

Gary Oldman should win an award for best iconic characters of all time.  Remember the gangster he played in "True Romance" or the crazed villain in "The Fifth Element"    I am glad that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Best Animated feature

I was wrong in predicting "The Adventures of TinTin" would win for this category, but am really glad "Rango" got a nomination.  I'm also really happy to see that more animated movies outside the U.S. are being presented in this category.  "A Cat in Paris" and "Chico & Rita" are two foreign movies that the public should see because animation is not always just a kids thing.

Thanks for reading have a good day.


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