Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help Protect The Net. Stop SOPA.


Hello movie lovers.

Congress is voting in just a mere seven days on one of the most important issues concerning your freedom.   The S.O.P.A. act may seem like it's only targeting online piracy, but it is much more devious than that.  This act is more about control than anything else.  Control over what you think and what you say.  If this bill were to pass, companies could sue you for posting clips of copyrighted material on YouTube and Facebook.  Yes that's right criminal charges with really large fees and long sentences in jail.  So if you wanted to post a funny clip from a movie or a song you really liked.  You could be faced with some serious consequences.

 It's really no surprise that the ones who are supporting this bill are companies like Time Warner, Disney,Marvel Entertainment, Sony, NBC Universal, and other major corporations.  They feel the bill will help stop illegal pirating of their artists and products.  I agree that we need to stop some sites from posting full albums and movies for download if those sites are charging people a price.  But I should not have to face any copyright infringement charges if I just want to post a trailer or a two minute clip on my blog.  This bill could also remove sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as well as others if the copyright holder finds fault with it.  People will no longer be able to express their opinion about something without having to face legal charges. And it's not just movies and music fan sites being threatened.  A lot of news and political blogs could also be affected too.  If a political party doesn't like that you posted one of their ads on your site. Wither you agree with them or not.  Your site could be removed and you may be faced with some serious jail time.

   The great thing about individual blogs and sites is that you get a real personal opinion on an issue.  Not just corporations telling you what to like.   The net is a great place to express not just things we like, but also thing we find to be very important.  It is the number one tool used in providing protests and conversations in making this world a better place.   

Please follow the link on top of this post and tell congress to please stop the SOPA act.  Thank you.

Also check out these sites as well.

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  1. "They told us we live in freedom and democracy...but they´ve lied!"

    Stop SOPA and PIPA and all those censorhip controlling entitties.they ve just shut down Megaupload and other file storage sites.Absolutely ridiculous,plus they can only act in the USA,so what they ll get is loads of other countries based sites to grow,and have all uploads there,cause sopa and fbi jurisdiction ends in the US boarders,and there is NOTHING they can do about that.

  2. Thank You for the support. I'm glad to see that SOPA is on the ropes but the fight is far from over.