Monday, January 16, 2012

TheVern rants about the Golden Globes.

Hello movie peeps.

The winners of the Golden Globes were announced last night and for the most part I was very impressed with the choice the Hollywood Foreign Press made.  The silent film "The Artist" was the big winner taking home three awards including Best Picture(Comedy or Musical).  I'm hoping this will help get more people to watch this but I kind of doubt it.   Other big winners include Michelle Williams for her work in "My Week With Marilyn"(Best Actress: Musical or Comedy), George Clooney for "The Descendants"(Best Actor: Drama), Woody Allen for "Midnight in Paris" ( Best Screenplay) and Martin Scorsese for "Hugo"( Best Director).   Congrats to all the winners and nominees.

Ricky Gervais was a fine host and very funny but this year it felt like he was holding back a little.  His opening monologue just didn't have the same type of bite that it had last year.  I know people were expecting him to cross a line with some of the actors but I don't really believe that the good actors will have a problem with him.  If you can't take people making jokes about you.  What the hell are you doing in this profession?  The one comment I fully agreed with was his statements about the acceptance speeches.  Winners don't need to thank every single person they know.  Most of the people they thank are ones we don't know or really care about.   If you win an Award, walk up to the stage and just thank three groups.  The company that gave you a nomination, the cast and crew of the movie you worked on, and your family.  You don't really need to thank God, because your not running for political office.  Besides I'm sure everyone already assumes that your a left wing, devil worshiping, heathen anyways.

Most of the winners that night were pretty humble in their acceptance speeches and it's easy to forgive them for taking their time to thank everyone.  But the one winner I had real issues with was Madonna for when she won for best original song. It starts off with her thanking her song writing partners which is good but than she goes off on this story about how she also directed this movie her song is in and than she begins thanking the star of her movie like she is wining an award for best director. It was a uber bitch kind of moment if you ask me.  Now I have no real big hatred for Madonna, and I still think she is one of the best entertainers of all time, but this sort of behavior was just not acceptable.  You don't need to constantly try and sell your own movie on an award show.  The fact you won or are even nominated  is advertisement enough.

My last rant is about the reaction shots from the losers.  Whenever a winner is announced at any award show.  We always see the reaction shots from people who just lost.  Everyone is smiling but it's a weird sort of smile.  It's the kind of smile you make when you wanted cash for Christmas, and all you get is a gift card for a store that is no longer in business. They just lost but still have to act all civil and respectful.    Since these actors know the camera is going to be on them why not have some fun with losing.  One suggestion is to walk off all of a sudden right after the winner has been announced .  You can explain later to him or her that it had nothing to do with them.  If you're really creative you could plan a little squabble with another nominee and stage a big argument during the show.  This would get the news media all excited like little dogs ready to hump the leg of this story.    What you choose is up to you, just make it fun.

I will be back  Saturday with my nominations for the Academy Awards  as well as another post of  The Weekend Watch.  Have a good week everyone.