Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TheVern's Accurate Oscar Predictions.(2011 Edition)

Hello Fellow Movie Geeks.

Yes it's that time of year for Hollywood to vote on the best movie of the year.   Of course a lot of the movies that are being nominated are ones that a lot of you have not seen yet, but hopefully will check out soon.  It's difficult to predict all the winners in every category  but I am  pretty damn confident with my picks so far

The Artist.

Best Picture.

Best Actor: Jean Dujarden

Best Score : Ludovic Bource

Best Director:  Michel Hazanavicius

I am predicting right now that "The Artist" will win in these categories.  I know a lot of people are saying that Martin Scorsese has a shot at the Best Director award for his work in "Hugo" but I believe Mr. Hazanavicius has the upper hand in this category.  George Clooney is also a favorite for "The Descendants" as well as Brad Pitt for "Moneyball", but none of them had a difficult role like Jean Dujarden had.  It takes some real acting skills to portray a silent movie star and not only make it look believable, but to also be subtle with the facial expressions so that it doesn't become a parody.

My Week with Marilyn.

Best Actress: Michelle Williams.

Last year Michelle Williams was nominated for "Blue Valentine" but lost to Natalie Portman for her role in "Black Swan". A lot of critics mentioned that Williams' performance was very good and that if Portman didn't win. She would have been the front runner that year. I know many have mentioned Meryl Streep for her role as Margret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady" and I personally want Tilda Swinton to win for "We Need to Talk About Kevin". It's the iconic role of Marilyn Monroe that will win many Oscar voters hearts this year.

The Help and Beginners

Best Supporting Actress.: Octavia Spencer:   (The Help)

Best Supporting Actor:   Christopher Plummer:   (Beginners)

I for one would have loved to see Albert Brooks win for "Drive" because it is such a great performance and it shows what happens when a good actor has a good script.  Plummer has only been nominated once** and many believe that he's due at least one win by now.  "The Help was a hugely popular with audiences and to not give one of it's cast members a win is idiotic although I found Jessica Chastain in that same movie to be a much better character. 

** Best Supporting Actor.  The Last Station (2009)

Midnight in Paris

Best Original Screenplay: Woody Allen

It's been at least six years since Woody Allen has been nominated for an Oscar. That one belonged to the very intense and highly sexual "Match Point" back in 2005.    The last time he actually won an award was twenty five years ago for "Hannah and Her Sisters".    I'm glad that he is getting more of an audience than he had before and I hope whoever sees this will seek out his other works.  For those of you who are still hesitant because you've never liked any of his movies.  I highly suggest that you at least try "Midnight in Paris"  at least once.   This is one of the best time traveling comedies since "Back To The Future".


Best Adapted Screenplay.  Aaron Sorkin, Steven Zallian

This is a hard category to predict because it could easily go to Zallian for his adaptation of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"  or Alexander Payne for his work on "The Descendants"    I'm predicting that "Moneyball" will win because it doesn't follow the usual plot lines that are found in most sports films.  It's a complete original.

The Adventures of TinTin

Best Animated Film:  Steven Speilberg, Peter Jackson

Although I would much rather see "Rango" win in this category.  I am very happy that Pixar doesn't have a chance of winning in this category.  It's also good to know  that Oscar voters were smart enough not to nominate "Cars 2" either( Hopefully this is correct and I don't look like a fool).  Speilberg and Jackson's first animated feature is technically brilliant and it looks great.  I just didn't find the story all that appealing.

Alright folks those are my top predictions on whose going to win this year at the Academy Awards this year. You can make your own predictions and watch the show on February 26.  I'll be back to post predictions in some of the technical categories after all the nominees are announced.


  1. So I was off with my prediction of "TinTin" being the winner for best animated film. I am pretty still confident with all my other picks though.

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