Friday, January 27, 2012

The Weekend Watch 01/27/2012

Hello movie freaks.

I hope you had a fun and exciting week because I sure as hell had.  The Lamb(The Large Association of Movie Blogs) has giving TheVideovangaurd an assignment to write a review on the best short live action nominees for their Oscar page.  This is huge because The Lamb is host to thousands upon thousands of  movie related blogs and I'm honored to be writing this article for them.  Plus doing reviews on the shorts is a pretty big deal because a lot of people don't get a chance to watch them.   I'll post those reviews shortly, but first let's get on to this weekend's flicks.

Remember dear readers. The following article is based on my opinions after watching the trailer. I have not yet seen these movies yet.

Man on a Ledge.

No this is not the sequel to the 2008 documentary "Man on Wire".  This is a movie that starts off on a man who is about to jump off a building, but wait it's just a cover so that his cohorts can rob a safe next door.  Than you find out the robbery is just to help clear the name of the guy who is about to jump.  After that I'm sure there are tons more plot twists than an M Night Shamaladingdong picture.  This movie wants to appear like it has a really intricate plot line, but having to go through all of this, just to clear ones name is quite a stretch if you ask me.

One For The Money

Two for the show, three to get ready, go cat go.  I mean as in go away from this picture.  Look ladies, I know some of you have seen commercials for this and think it looks cute and fun.  But this type of character really gives women a bad name.  Am I really suppose to believe that she can go from being a cashier to being a bail bondsman that fast.  She has neither the endurence or physical strength to do a job like this.  Plus she sort of treats the whole profession as a sort of joke.  Also the whole romantic subplot between her and one of her exes who is now a target is just sad and it makes her look desperate.  If you want a good female action character watch Gina Carano in "Haywire".

The Grey.

Liam Neeson is back to deliver a major case of whop ass to a pack of ....ummm....wolves...  Well maybe wolves is just a gang of vicious criminals who have captured his daughter and he must's not it.  He actually is fighting a group of real wolves out in the wilderness.  I guess I could buy into this.  Hell if I could be intrigued to watch a movie about that dumb ass who got his hand caught between some rocks.  I might be interested in this.

Albert Nobbs

In this flick you have Glenn Close who is portraying a woman who has to live like a man so that she can  have status and have her own home.  I don't think they allowed women to own houses back in the 17 century unless they owned a brothel.  The movie itself may look classic and I'm sure the performances are incredible.  After all it has been nominated for a bunch of awards.  I just don't find it all that interesting.  Sorry.

I'll be back with my late review of the action flick "Haywire"    Have a good weekend

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  1. Thanks for being on board on the LAMB and our Oscar coverage Vern.

    Of the films you are previewing I'm probably most interested in the Grey, I've heard a lot of good about it the last week!

  2. Very Glad to be a part of The Lamb Joel. Thanks for the comments

    If "The Grey" had some tension between the men themselves at first and then added the wolves attacking. I would be more interested than I am.