Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Grey: Late Movie Review

The Grey

Cast: Liam Neeson,Dermot Mulroney

Writers: Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, Joe Carnahan

Director: Joe Carnahan

*** and 1/2*'s out of four

                              ( Theatrical Poster: Image Link )

 I really wasn't expecting too much from this movie to be honest with you.  The trailer did very little to peak my interest and the re teaming of director Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson from "The A-Team" did even less.  It also seems that a lot of these man vs nature movies follows a basic pattern, and  that gets old really fast  "The Grey" does follow the same structure but it does add in some nice adjustments to come off as a solid winner

Ottway(Liam Neeson) and a band of oil diggers have crash landed in the middle of nowhere during one of the worst winter storms ever.  But since I live in Minnesota I couldn't feel that bad for them.  Than again our winters don't come with a pack of man eating wolves either. So I'll admit they got the shit end of the stick.  In that they will become wolf shit after they get eaten by the pack.  The group than has to learn to overcome their fears and do what needs to be done in order to survive. Of all the man vs nature movies I have seen.  This one is the one I would buy into the most. 

I will give this movie real credit for giving us real emotional drama admits all of the action with the wolves.  There are moments when it goes into the memories of the men that are really beautiful and then those memories are yanked away violently and your stuck back in the Arctic again.  Those scenes between the men and the wolves are pretty intense and some of the attacks made me jump because they come out of nowhere.  Yet,  it's the quiet ones of  the men contemplating their lives and death that made this a real winner for me 

"The Grey" does have it's share of problems.  Some of the pacing in the second act could have been picked up a bit and a few of the deaths were lazily written. But the characters never felt one dimensional.  They even have that one guy who starts off like a complete asshole but later on does something to redeem himself.  What's different about this movie is that he really does comes to terms with who he is and what his purpose in life means.  There is a great moment when he is staring at a beautiful landscape and mentions that he was meant to be here and find something so amazing.  Some of us will live full lives and never see anything that great.    .

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