Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Blog: The Vern's Video-Vortex

Greetings and Salutations, fellow movie geeks.

I wanted to take this time and introduce to you a brand new site that I hope you will like just as much as you enjoy this one.  Unlike The Videovangaurd which offers a wide variety of reviews and articles on all types of genres.    The Video-Vortex's main objective to pay tribute to the ones that are odd, disturbing, unique, but never boring.  These are the type of movies, adventurous film fans crave and I'm sure you will enjoy what I post.

This also marks the first time I will be adding audio and maybe video reviews to this site.  The first one will be on Lucky McKee's "The Woman" and I hope to have that one up in March.  

I will continue to post reviews and articles on this site as well.   The first televised event of my annual Oscar Whiskey Challenge will be posting hopefully a few days after the show.  Trust me it will be way more exciting than the actual show itself.    
Click here to enter the vortex   ---->   The Video-Vortex.

Note*** The blog is brand new and will be going through a lot of work and reworks until I find the right look.   Thanks for your paitence.


  1. Thank you Miss Sasha. I plan to concentrate more on the site after the Oscars are done. When is your next podcast or review going to post? I enjoyed the last one very much.