Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review of Oscar Nominee: Chico & Rita.

Chico & Rita

Cast: Limara Meneses,Eman Xor Ona
Writers: Ignacio Martinez De Pison, Ferando Truba
Directors: Ferando Truba,Javier Marsical,Tono Errando

 *** out of four stars

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  For many people animation will only be something that is strictly just for kids, and nothing else. A lot of people tend to look down on animated movies that have mature subject matter because they think they are advertising it to children. People need to realize that animation is an art form, and should not be confined to just one audience. "Chico & Rita" does have moments of sexuality but it never focuses on just that alone. The movie itself is a really good love story that just happens to be animated.

   Set between New York, Havana and Paris, in the beginning stages of Jazz This tale of love features a talented singer Rita( Limara Meneses) and piano player Chico (Eman Xor Oña ) who meet and instantly find attraction with one another. However circumstances beyond their control as well as their own insecurities threaten to tear them apart for good.

(Clip Curtosey of CinemaNX)

    The artwork by Javier Mariscal is quite impressive. It doesn't look like a traditional cartoon. Instead it has it's own sense of style and  the emotions these characters evoke is detailed very well.   The moment Rita began singing I like Chico became immediately seduced. Her movements and dancing are so life like, I almost forgot I was watching an animated movie. The nudity and sexuality is never exploited throughout this, and I have to admire the filmmakers for knowing just the right amount to feature. In someone else's hand those moments could become very perverted but that's never the issue here. The music was also really good which speaks volumes about the actual movie itself because even if you don't like jazz. I'm convinced you will like it in here. The music is a main ingredient, but it's not the entire focus either. "Chico & Rita" could have told with punk rock, or country music, and it would have still been just as engaging.

   I had some issues with both the main characters and thought they made some really bad choices along the way. If one of them would have just stopped to think a little more when something goes bad. It would have avoided something from becoming even worse later on. Yet, maybe it's those wild emotions that keep these two constatnly chasing eachother no matter the cosequnce. After all love is quite different to each indvidual and it can make you do things you never thought you would. I highly recomend giving this hand drawn love film a shot, because you may just end up loving it . Even though you never thought you would.


  1. Great review. I tried to get my friend to see this one, but he doesn't like animation, and I couldn't convince him that this was a different kind. I might show him this review and see if I can change his mind. Nice job!

  2. Thank you N.T.E.M.P. for the comments. Does your friend not like Anime as well?

  3. Actually I haven't seen very much anime myself. I usually do end up catching the animated films on DVD at some point, but often it's years later.