Friday, February 10, 2012

The Weekend Watch 02/10/2012

Sorry I'm a little late at posting this, but since the weekend doesn't really begin til about five.  I think I'm still good. I'm getting ready to go out tonight to review the best live action shorts that are being nominated at the Academy Awards for The Lamb(Large Association of Movie Blogs) and will have that posted shortly. 

Here is what's in your theatres but check your listings just to be sure.

The following are not reviews, but merely my thoughts on the trailer itself.

The Vow.

Without looking at the trailer I thought this was a revenge flick.  The title alone makes it sound like it belongs in that type of genre.  After the accident I thought the Rachel McAdams character was going to become a vigilante and go after the guy who caused her amnesia.  Now that would be a cool kick ass flick, but instead we get a story about how Channing Tatum's character has to make his wife fall in love with him all over again.  Yes this is a total chick flick, and that is not a diss on the movie it self. I just wish they went with a different title.

Safe House.

Ryan Reynolds is a first year agent who finds out that some unruly people are out to assassinate rouge agent Denzil Washington at a safe house. So the two join forces to uncover who wants him dead.  Look I hate to give away spoilers but you should be able to tell right from the trailer who it is.    It's the CIA that wants him dead and I'm sure the Ryan Reynolds will have to fight some big shot from his company.  There I just save you eight bucks, your welcome.


Woody Harrlson is a cop who was caught on tape beating a suspect.  Which causes a huge scandal inside the police department.  Meanwhile his own personal life isn't going so well either.  This has a good solid cast including Steve Buccemi, Anne Heche, and Ice Cube.  I can't really get all that interested in this because the whole bad cop who gets a redemption has been done before. 

Chico & Rita.

Two Musicians meet in Havana at the beginning of their career and have a love affair.  Despite many circumstances that keep them apart.  They find ways to stay together.  This is being nominated for best animated film at the Oscars, and I'm glad the academy is finally recognizing that this format doesn't have to be strictly for kids.

Journey 2:The Mysterious Island

If the men from the movie "The Grey" were tripping out hardcore right before their plane crashed.  I'm pretty sure this is what they would see. A colorful lush tropical island where there is danger, but nothing that will really kill you.  Yes I get that this is a kids flick, but children are smarter than this. This looks too silly to the point of being offensive.

In Darkness.

A sanitation worker decides to hide Jewish people in his sewers in a Nazi occupied section.  Risking him and his family's life.  It's award season so that means it's time to release another Jewish Holocaust movie.  I'm not saying these movies should not be made because this is a very important time in history.  I just get upset at filmmakers who only want to make these movies in hopes that they get an award.  But with that said this still looks very good. 

Have a good weekend everybody.

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