Friday, February 3, 2012

The Weekend Watch: Superbowl Edition.

Wow it's been a really nice winter in Minnesota these past few days.  I almost had to turn my heat down and put the A.C. back on.  With weather this nice you would be a fool to spend your days indoors watching movies.  Yet it is the insanity that has kept me sane for so very very long .  So let's all have another dose of crazy shall we.  

I should not have to mention that the following reviews are based solely on the trailer and not the actual movie. 

The Woman in Black.

Daniel Radcliffe is a lawyer who has come to a small village to investigate some ghostly activity in this new film from Hammer studios.  I love a good ghost story and this looks to be pretty scary. Yes even with the PG-13 rating it can still give me chills. This also marks the first time the very sexy Jane Goldman has adapted a screenplay herself, and I'm looking forward to the result.


I have really high expectations for this one, and I hope I'm not disappointed because this could easily be one of the most exciting movies out this year. Writer Max Landis tells us an origin story that doesn't focus so much on the superhero, but also on the supervillian too. As much as I am sick of the whole found footage format. This at least uses the gimmick to it's full potential and gives us something original with it.

Big Miracle

If you fell in love with Dolphins earlier this year with "Dolphin Tale" Chances are you are going to be in love with this just as much. Seeing whales trapped in ice who eventually escape will tug on a few of your heart strings, I'm sure. The predictable story line and character arch is what's stopping me from seeing this.

The Innkeepers

It's really upsetting that two movies that feature ghosts are released the same week. Although I'm pretty sure  the one with Daniel Radcliffe will do better at the box office. This one is about a pair of ghost hunters(Sara Paxton, Pat Healy) who are convinced that an old hotel is haunted. This looks pretty damn generic and forgettable, but I will still see this because it is directed by Ti West. He's the one who made "House of The Devil" which is one of the best horror films only a few have seen.


One woman wants to research a past love affair between a man of high royalty and a girl who is not. I'm not quite sure why this movie has to be set in two different time periods. This would have worked better if it was just kept in one.  When watching this trailer I immediately thought of the movie "Possession" which covers almost exactly the same plot as this one, but better. I love Madonna as a singer and have even liked some of her acting("Evita","Desperately Seeking Susan") but she should stop trying to direct.

A Separation.

Nominated in both the foreign language and original screenplay category. "A Separation" tells the story of an Iranian couple are in the early stages of a divorce. The father becomes a suspect in a murder of one of his maids, and has to either prove his innocence or hide his guilt.  The trailer wisely never tells us if he is involved or not. This looks really damn good, and I'm not just buying into the hype  I would give this movie an award just from it's incredible trailer.

On Sunday I am going to be watching the superbowl with some friends but I plan on seeing at least one of the movies listed here if not two.

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