Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cinematic Comforts: 03/06/2012

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The Videovangaurd is proud to announce a new weekly category that will focus on movies that are being released for home viewing each and every Tuesday.  So let's take a look at the ones coming to your house.

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                 (Poster Curtosey of MTV Films)

I know many of you who loved the original are very skeptical about checking this one out, but it is actually one of the best high school dance movies I have seen and it is a very well done remake as well.  I like that you have more of an understanding as to why dancing got banned because you get to see the accident that caused the town to pass this law.  While the original is still a classic, it feels dated and I like that director Craig Brewer bring in a lot of different genres of music for this new version.  He even manges to add some nice cover versions of songs from the original soundtrack too.   If you have an open mind and realize that not everyone likes 80's music as much as you do.  You might enjoy this fresh new take.

The Skin I Live In.

(Poster Curtosey of Canal+Espana)

Nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for a major mind fuck this movie puts you through.  It makes you ask questions about yourself that you will be too afraid to answer.  The story is about a famous scientist(Antonio  Banderas) who is keeping a beautiful woman(Elena Anaya) prisoner in his home so he can test a new type of skin that won't get damaged.  The story has more twists than Chubby Checker as it starts to explain the origins of these characters.  If you have seen it, please don't spoil anything about it.  If you haven't seen it, you are in for quite the ride.

Jack and Jill.

                  (Poster Curtosey of Columbia Pictures)

I know it's easy to call this a piece of shit,because that's what I have been reading on every other review site.  The movie turned me off because of the trailer, but if you found it funny than you will probably like this.  I know there was a lot of critics who found "Billy Madison" to be horrible, but I laughed a lot during that one so who am I to say someone is wrong for liking this.  I am just disappointed at Adam Sandler for going back to these sort of juvenile comedies when he has proven to be a good dramatic actor in "Punch Drunk Love", "Reign Over Me"and "Funny People". I'm not saying he should stop doing comedies but he needs to have a bit more range and try different things.


            (Poster curtosey of Relativity Media)

Director Tarsem Singh is a great visualiser.  There are moments from what I have seen that do look really cool, but at the same time it looks a lot like every other Greek mythology movie that has been released in the last five years.  If they would have used all practical effects and just a little bit of computer effects it could stand out more.


Like Crazy.

          (Poster Curtosey of  Paramount Vantage)

Boy( Anton Yelchin) meets girl(Felicity Jones) and they fall in love.  Boy than looses girl after her visa expires and she is forced to go back to England.  Boy is still in love with girl, but instead of getting a passport to come find her ends up going out with Jennifer Lawrence instead.  At least that's what the trailer showed me.  I really don't care if this guy gets the girl or not.  It didn't even look like he tried that hard.

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  1. The Skin I Live In is the one I'm waiting for from this list. Need to see that badly!

  2. I humbly await your review of this movie. Thanks for reading.