Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cinematic Comforts. 03/13/2012

YAWWWWWNNN.   Between writing posts for here and contributing to The Lamb.  I am tired, but yet I did not want to leave anyone without their fill of new movies that are now being released on Blue-Ray and DVD

The Descendants.

George Clooney plays a father who finds out that his estranged wife has been having an affair. To make matters worse he finds out about this news after she is put into a coma from a boating accident. None of his kids like him and he has a real hard time connecting with other family members too. This was at the top of a lot of critics top ten list of the year and I can understand why.  It's a nice little drama with some great performances from the entire cast including Indie Spirit award winner Shailene Woodley who plays one of George's daughter. It was just one of those movies I became emotionally involved with while I was watching, but after it ended,I completely forgot about it.

The Adventures of TinTin.

The first collaboration between Peter Jackson ("Heavenly Creatures") and Steven Speilberg("Munich") is a very well done action adventure. This is what the fourth Indiana Jones adventure should of been like. The story of a reporter who goes looking for a sunken ship of treasure is very simple, but the execution is a lot of fun. The animation is very good and with the motion capture technique, the characters become eerily realistic. The action scenes are also worth mentioning because Spielberg is able to put in some really great camera tricks that immerse the viewer in this 3D world,but sometimes he adds just a bit too much to make some moments very un-realistic.

My Week With Marilyn

Michelle Williams is the only actress I know that has been able to portray Marilyn correctly. Other people have only done impressions of the characters she played in movies but none of them have been able to captured the actual personalty of this actress better than Miss Williams. I know one day she will receive an actual  Oscar, but with three nominations under her belt. She's not doing too bad. The rest of the movie is OK but I had problems with the main character. He's not badly written or acted I just had my own personal problems with him. I understand why Colin Clark(Eddie Redmayne) who is the assistant would have a love affair with Marilyn Monroe. It is Marilyn Monroe, on eof the best sex icons of all time.   He should have stuck with Lucy(Emma Watson) the wardrobe assistant he met earlier because she was the only woman who really loved him.  Marilyn was just going through some sort of crises


If the cool visuals don't convince you to see this movie. Kirsten Dunst turns in one of the best acting performances this year. Although, I maybe saying that because she does get naked quite a bit, and I do love her natural talents. Plus it has my favorite french hottie Charlotte Gainsbourg in the cast and Keifer Sutherland as well too. It's the kind of movie that would go great with "The Tree of Life" because while that movie is about how Earth may have begun.  "Melancholia" is about how it may end.

Young Adult

Charlize Theron is a woman on the verge of a mental breakdown. The love of her life is now married and has a kid, while she is alone and about to loose her writing gig. She devices a plan to go back to her home town to try and win him back. If this movie was sold to people as a drama, it would have done a whole lot better. I understand that Charlize's character is unhappy, I just never cared enough. I thought she was just a bitch the whole time.  That would be just fine if she was at least interesting, but that never is the case either. This movie has been nominated for several awards including ones for Charlize Theron and writer Diablo Cody, so maybe my opinion won't agree with you.


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