Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pill: Late Movie Review

The Pill

Cast: Noah Bean, Rachel Boston

Writer/Director: J.C. Khoury

**and a 1/2*'s out of four


"The Pill" is a very different romantic comedy and yet it still maintains a lot of the cliches that are found within the genre. But unlike a lot of other recent rom-coms in the past year. Writer and Director J.C. Khoury manages to not be so predictable in this movie that is worth checking out.

The premise is about Fred(Noah Bean) a writer who meets up with a beautiful woman named Mindy(Rachel Boston) at a party and they both have a one night stand together. The next morning Fred gets worried that Mindy might be pregnant because they didn't use any protection, and he asks her to take the morning after pill.  But that's not Fred's only problem. He also has a live in girlfriend named Nelly(Anna Chlumsky) that he wants to hide this from as well.

(Trailer: Curtosey of Shoot First Entertainment)

It's not easy to have a main character who cheats on his girlfriend and still find him likable.  I never found Fred to be a bad person,just a bit cowardly.  He is just like other men and women I know that are in bad relationships but decides to stay in them to avoid any confrontations.  The other characters also have flaws but I never hated them. Even the character of Nelly that Anna Chlumsky played was never as hateful as most movies would have displayed her. It was just clear that her relationship with Fred was a very stale one. Although I wished this was established earlier in the story. When Fred is with Mindy. It's obvious they have much better connection. There are scenes where you can see that they both do care for each other very much. Even though you are screaming for Fred to just man up a little and be honest.

The dialogue was very well written with moments between Noah Bean and Rachel Boston that felt like an early banter between Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. The Cinematography from Andreas Von Scheele is also worth mentioning because he made all the scenes look like it was filmed with a huge studio budget, and for an indie film that is very impressive.   I could have done without the montages when both of them were picking out  birthday gifts or when they were making dinner because it's a very cliche thing to do. Show clips of two people laughing and kissing set to a happy beat and of course you're going to think they are in love. I liked the moments when they were talking and trying to get to know the other person.  I got more insights into each character's personality and understood that these two really do care about each other.  At the same time I also enjoyed the quiet moment between them when they went to her parent's house.  It was at that moment I could see that their relationship was much more than just a one night fling.

               (Image Courtesy of Shoot First Entertainment)

The only real main flaw I have is with the ending. I really had a hard time believing it would have taken Fred that long to put things right. It's obvious he cares more about  Mindy more than Nelly. So what is he pussy footing around for.   The movie does end on a hopeful , yet open ended conclusion.  I understood that the characters of Fred and Mindy like eachother very much, but I was unclear of what their relationship will be like.  Maybe that's the point of any relationship.  None of us know right away of how long it was last for.

Check out an audio interview with director J.C. Khoury at Man I Love Films.Com.  Click the name in red to hear it.


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