Friday, March 30, 2012

TheVern predicts "Bully" will evoke very little change in society(although it would be nice)

Note *** The Following is just my opinion  to the trailer of the documentary "Bully".  This is not a formal review.

I want to first send my condolences to the parents of any children who have killed themselves. I can't begin to imagine the pain you must deal with everyday and my heart goes out to you. 

The very premise of this documentary is a very noble one.  Bullying is something that should be addressed and it needs to be stopped.   I just don't think a bunch of hand holding and showing protest signs with photos of the deceased is going to change anything at all.
After watching the trailer to"Bully" it reminded me of a scene from the dark comedy "Heathers". In it a Teacher decides to hold a get together at a school cafeteria  for a student who has killed herself(Those of you who saw the movie knows what really happened).  The news was brought in and everyone was shown to be very happy and loving but the next day nothing was changed.  That scene expresses how I feel about this documentary.  It would be nice if we could all get along but that's not the way the world works.  About 90% of the people you meet are going to be the best people in your life.  10 % are going to be complete assholes and you can't let such a small percentage ruin the larger half.

Look I've had my fair share of people teasing me throughout all my years of schooling, and do you know what I did to stop it?  I stood up for myself. Now true some fights I won and some I lost but I never once lost any of my pride. As sad as I feel for the families of these victims. I don't have much empathy for the actual person who does commit suicide.  I can't feel sad for someone that just gives up.   If someone is tormenting you, fight back. If they beat you with fists, come back at them with a bat. Do whatever it takes(except murder) to make these assholes leave you alone. Many of you will think I'm being irresponsible for suggesting kids settle their arguments by using violence and that's not my intention. I just want for these kids who ae getting bullied to handle this issue themselves instead of asking the whole world for help.

Look, you are going to run into people who treat you like shit from time to time and you'll need to develop a little thicker skin for dealing with them.  Because if you can't deal with them now they will tear you apart when you get older. OK my rant is done.    Now I leave you with a song that best represents the theme of this article.


  1. Yo Vern!

    I agree with about 90% of what you wrote. As someone who repeatedly got his ass kicked by a group of older kids when I was a young teenager, the thought of killing myself never once crossed my mind. Hell, the kids kicking my ass were the least of my problems. By no means did I enjoy it, but I learned to deal with it. I got a lick in here and there, and eventually my mom made the decision to get a restraining order and took the kids and their parents to court to get them to stay away. It also didn't hurt when I grew to be 6'3, and they came to realize that I could take a beating.

    I don't condone bullying, not one single bit; however, the problem with kids today is that they have no heart. They don't take shit personally enough and say "I may get my ass kicked today, but I'm going to get at least 1 good shot in". Christ, the first thing I would do would aim straight for the balls.

    I think it's good that there's a cause that says "Stand up and don't be bullied", but at the same time teach the kids that the first line of defense are the left hand and right hand that god gave you. Sometimes all a bully needs is a little taste of his/her own medicine.

  2. Thanks for comenting Two Dude.

    I am intersted in watching this doc, but I seen reviews that say the movie doesn't even interview any bullies or their families. It would be interesting to see how these kids behave at home and if it has any influence on their behavoir at school. The whole movie seems to be a fluff piece rather than a documentary.

    The funniest thing a bully did to me was suckerpunch me in the gut after I made a joke at his expense. After he did it he ran and I called him a pussy. when walking home he got a group of fiends to chase after me. No way was I going to fight 5 kids at once so I ran. Next day he told everyone what a little bitch i was. To which I replied. "Says the Guy who brings his friends to fight for him"