Friday, March 9, 2012

The Weekend Watch 03/09/2012

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all slept well because it's time to look at what's in theatres this weekend.  I'm excited to say that there are some good movies being released this week and some bad ones too.   This week we have  an Oscar nominee , a cool horror flick and the Doctor David Tennant is in a romantic comedy and a whole lot more. So let's not screw around any more.  Let's watch some trailers, shall we.

Note**** These are not reviews of the movies but my opinion of the trailer.  Not sure why I put this disclaimer since reviews of movies are nothing more than just opinions too.

John Carter

(Trailer: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

A man is transported to a strange new world and is asked to be the hero for it's inhabitants. While watching this trailer,I couldn't help but think of "Army of Darkness". But instead of Ash fighting deadites, John Carter fights aliens. This does have some cool action scenes and it is being directed by Andrew Stanton who made "Wall- E". so it might be worth checking this out.

A Thousand Words

(Trailer Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Eddie Murphy is a slick businessman who lies daily to be successful until one of his tall tales gets him into real trouble.  You see he gets a tall tree where every time he says a word,a leave falls. Once all the leaves falls, he dies. Note to the public. Unless it's a foreign movie, most trailers that have narration in them are going to be horrible, and this is no exception. What happened to the Eddie Murphy I used to love. The really cool guy from "Saturday Night Live", and "Beverly Hills Cop". I know it's good for actors to broaden their ranges and do other things, but Eddie.  You've been doing the same thing for a really long time, your movies are not making any money, and your loosing fans.

Silent House

(Trailer Courtesy of LD Entertainment)

A woman comes to visit her father only to be attacked by a faceless intruder. This whole movie wants to sell you on the gimmick of it being shot in real time and it will be cool if they can pull it off. I'm just more impressed that Elizabeth Olsen will be in a slightly bigger movie. Her last one "Martha Marcy May Marlene" had huge acclaim but barely anyone saw it, and if you like thrillers. It's one to check out.

Friends With Kids

(Trailer Courtesy of Roadside Attractions)

Two friends decide to have a baby and not complicate things further by dating or getting married.  So I guess they decide to complicate things even more. This actually does look good because it's written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt who co wrote the very charming "Kissing Jessica Stien", and it has a good cast including Kirstin Wigg, Edward Burns,Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm, and Megan Foxx.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

(Trailer Curtosey of CBS Films)

From the writer of "Slumdog Millionaire" and the director of "The Cider House Rules", comes this tale about introducing a sport of fishing to the Middle East. Emily Blunt plays a reporter who supports the idea of having fish shipped to a rich guy so that him and his friends can play games. Ewan McGregor is against this, so of course both him and Emily Blunt are going to fall in love. The trailer features way too many visual cliches but the one that stands out is McGregor walking against traffic of people with the subtitle "Going Against The Flow". It looks like it will have some discussions about the war  but I don't think it will bash you over the head with it's message  either.  It doesn't look like that serious of a picture.


(Trailer Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

Nominated for best foreign language film at this years' Oscars. "Footnote" is about two writers who are also father and son. The son is very successful while the father is not.  When someone gives the father a coveted reward by mistake. The Son must decide wither  or not to let his dad go on thinking he won it or not.    I am intrigued to see this since it did win best screenplay at Cannes.  I just don't know when I'll get to see it.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

(Trailer Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures)

If you love sushi. This is the movie for you, because it does feature one of the best sushi chefs ever. At least that's what the trailer suggests. His son will be taken over the business after his father,but no one thinks he will be as good. I like some sushi, but I don't think I could watch a whole movie about it being prepared. The cinematography does look beautiful though.

The Decoy Bride.

(Trailer Courtesy of Cinema NX)

A Woman in Ireland who gets a chance to double as the bride of a rich Hollywood socialite in this romantic comedy.  This does look utter crap despite the cast it got. Kelly MacDonald is quite cute, and it does have one of the best Doctors David Tennant as well. I still can't imagine me paying to see this.

So What do you think of this week's new releases? What looks really good and what looks like complete horse shit?  Leave comments, questions below.