Friday, March 30, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 03/30/2012

Has everyone had a good week so far, I know I did. Right now I'm practicing my drums to get ready for a show this weekend in St. Cloud with Parental Advisory.  Last time we played there we had a pretty good turn out for a band that does mostly covers of songs in the mid 70's. I plan on seeing at least one new flick before I head out, but  I also wanted to share with you some other titles that are coming out this weekend.

Remember to check listings before heading out to the theaters because a lot of these may not be showing in your area.

I don't need to remind you but the following is based on my reactions from the trailer and not a review of the film unless noted

Wrath of The Titans

I don't know what this is about, but it does use Marilyn Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams(Are made of This)". The song is awesome but it doesn't work with this trailer  All I see is images of gladiators fighting and big beasts roaming.  This doesn't look like an ad for a movie.  It looks like someone did a YouTube mashup.

Mirror Mirror.

This is the more light hearted Snow White adaptation that is hitting theatres. Tarsem Singh("The Fall") I'm sure will have some nice visuals, but I'm not expecting much of a story. Julia Roberts seems to be just hamming it up as the wicked queen and the rest of the cast  looks like they ae performing at a school play with a lot of bad jokes mixed in. This looks like it was made for people who thought Walt Disney's "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" was too scary.


I have my own rant about this which you can read on this blog. Click the movie title in red to read my thoughts.


(Vulgar Language: Viewer Discretion Advised)

The movie is getting some  positive reviews so some of you must have liked it.  I just could not find one likable thing about it.  Sorry.


Damn that is a really creepy trailer. Matt Smith("Doctor Who") and Eva Green( "Dark Shadows") have been lovers since childhood.  But when tragedy kills Matt's character. Eva's character decides to have him cloned and she chooses to give birth to him. Yes this an Oedipus complex movie that is bound to disturb the lot of you.  Hell I'm even freaked out by just the premise of this but I'll still check it out. 

Turn me on Dammit.

Winner of Best Screenplay at the Tribecca Film Festival.  "Turn me On Dammit" focuses on teenage sexuality without being dark or overtly comical.  It reminds me of "The Virgin Suicides" meets "American Pie"


Looks like some pesky ghosts are annoying Clive Owen and his family. Him and his daughter can see the spirits but of course no one else does. This has me mildly interested but I'm not seeing it in theaters. I don't think it could hold my interest enough.

So what do you think? What actually looks like something you would want to see and what should people avoid. Leave comments below. Thanks for reading.