Friday, March 9, 2012

Woody Allen is Big Pimping.


                               (Image Link)

Woody Allen is going to co star in a new movie directed by John Turturro called "Fading Gigolo".  The premise is about two old friends who turn to male prostitution to make some much needed cash.  Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergera will also co star in this indie comedy.

I like John Turturro's work as a director.  His musical "Romance and Cigarettes" was very amusing, So I'm curious at what he'll do with this project.   Plus the idea of Woody Allen playing a pimp is just as funny(if not more) as seeing Wayne Brady on The Chappelle Show. 

What do you think about this project?  Leave comments below.   Click the items in red to see video clips and learn more.


  1. I'm not sure whether this is one I'll see or not, but it has potetial and I think it would b better if they used your title "Big Pimping".

  2. I just like the premise alone. I also want to see Woody Allen cast as a gang leader in an action movie too.

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