Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cinematic Comforts 04/24/2012

Yes folks I am back to give you the rundown on what's available to watch at home.  I apologize for not giving you a Weekend Watch Post, but there really wasn't that much coming out that held any interest for me.    I do hope you check out some of these flicks if you didn't see them in theatres.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I still can't believe that it took four movies to finally make this franchise work.  Director Brad Bird breathed new life in to this series that I thought was completely dead.  If you missed this in theatres don't fret because you can now watch it at home.   The visuals will still look good even without the Imax screen.


Michael Fassbender really got slammed at the Academy Awards for not receiving a nomination for his work in this.  He alone should get a brass balls award for this very brave performance of a man who begins to recognize his own sex addiction.  If you were too scared to see this in theatres you can now watch it in the privacy of your own home.


Looking at the Box art of this, I thought of  the other Mark Whalberg action flick "Shooter" right away.  I wasn't tooimpressed by that flick and after watching the trailer for this.  I have even less interest.   I love action flicks but  looks a tad too tame for me to care.

The InnKeepers

Ti West Really impressed the hell out of me with his debut "The House of The Devil".  His latest effort is about a haunted hotel and unless it's Kubrick's"The Shining".  I don't  think It's going to be that scary.  Although it's poster is doing a damn fine job at getting me freaked out. 

Let The Bullets Fly

I know I will be seeing this one soon, because it does look pretty sweet.  This looks like a great action comedy that we don't see much of any more.


The premise and topic have been used before in countless other movies, but the breakout performances from it's cast  and the great cinematography makes this one stand out.  A wonderful achivement from a first time director.


If you like movies about young kids who can fight.  You may like this Anime about a young girl who becomes an assassin.  Just be warned, the movie does have some  feature some very dark subject matter that will make a lot of you very uncomfortable.   I hope a director with talent and yes some bravery will do a live action version of this.


  1. I'm glad to see that "The Innkeepers" is finally available on DVD. I've been yearning to see that movie for awhile - a lot of good things have been said about it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah I loved Ti West's "House Of The Devil" and look forward to this

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