Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cinematic Comforts: 4/10/2012

Arrrrggggg!   My computer is having many issues today and that is why I am late at posting this article.  Apparently my A.C.adaptor doesn't have enough power to handle my computer.  So I keep getting the power shut on and off when I try to work on these articles.  I'm also trying to write articles for other sites and find it to be very difficult when my battery keeps cutting in and out

But enough with my rants.  Here are some new titles that are on their way to your homes now. 

*Note*  I apologize about not having the links to Amazon ready at this time but I will be working on this issue and should have it ready for the next one.  I'm very sorry for any misconvenience I might have caused.

Iron Lady.

Meryl Streep won her 1st Best actress award in 1,2,3,4, a really long ass time.   Her role of Margret Thatcher reached wide acclaim but sadly I have not seen this. It's nothing against Miss Streep. I just don't  have tons of money to go out and see every movie that get release, but will be watching this shortly.

The Darkest Hour.

I also like to call this one the Energizer battery commercial.  This is that one about streaks of light from outer space that can kill people.  I really don't think there is anymore to say about the story than that.  The previews looked kind of cool, but all the reviews have called this is a piece of shit .  Plus I don't think reactions from audience was that strong either.  

A Trip to The Moon.

Did you like "Hugo" and enjoyed  learning about the works of George Milles.   Well now you get a chance to watch one of his most beloved movies on Blue-Ray.    Keep in mind when you watch this flick it was all done at the very dawn of cinema and that all the effects were done either on set or on the actual camera.itself.

War Horse.

Steven Speilberg's magnificent picture about the unbroken bond between a man and his animal.  Although this man's bond with his animal I'm sure is considered illegal in most of the U.S.  This boy loves his horse.  I mean looooooves his horse.  He doesn't even pay that much attention to girls, and probably has pictures of that horse all over his bedroom wall.   Now I'm a huge lover of animals but even this goes just a bit to far for me.  Yes the visuals look great and I'm sure that it will be a very emotional picture.  But it also seems like the kind of movie that manipulates your emotions with the visuals and it's music instead of having the characters and story do that for you.

We Bought  A Zoo.

Matt Damon decides to purchase a worn down zoo and help turn it around.  He of course fall in love with the zookeeper played by Scarlet Johansson and the two try to keep it going so that the animals won't die.  I'm pretty sure I am wrong when describing the plot details of this, but I really didn't have much interest in checking this one out.  I am glad that the animals were not voiced by celebrities and that it didn't seem to be filled with wall to wall antics.  I just really wasn't interest in any of  these characters' lives.


A great homage to the noir films of the 30's and 40's.  Roman Polanski's "Chinatown" improves more and more each time you watch it.  The story is about a private detective J.J. Gittes(Played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson) who is first hired to spy on a husband for cheating on his wife and then becomes mixed up with murder, and corruption involving the water company.  Faye Dunaway and John Huston co star in a script by Robert Towne that won the academy award for best screenplay, and it was nominated for ten other awards including best picture.

Madonna: Truth Or Dare.

For the first timer on Blue Ray.  Madonna's black and white documentary and color concert film comes to the HD screen and is one I'm looking forward to check out, but I only suggest this for those of you who like her music.  I am not the world's biggest fan of her music, but I do like a lot of her songs and this one really shows her during the prime of her career.   I almost wish she would release another concert movie instead of directing movies.

I hope everyone has a good week.


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