Monday, April 23, 2012

Early Review: Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope.

Writers: Joss Whedon, Jeremy Chilnick, Morgan Spurlock

Director:  Morgan Spurlock

**** out of Four.

Comic-Con is the number one haven for geekdom in the USA.  I have never once been there but I have been to something like it called ConVergence.  Athough it's not fair to compare the two, because both are not at all similar.   The one in San Diego is much much bigger, and has way more famous people.  What I liked best about this documentary is that the main focus in on the fans themselves.  There are quick little soundbites from people like Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, and  Stan Lee, but the real stars are just six ordinary people who really have an experience that is anything but.

The first person the documentary focuses on is Skip Harvey.  He works in sci-fi themed bar and dreams of making it as a comic book artist.  His ultimate wish is to go to Comic-Con and get discovered by a comic book company so that he can draw for them.   Eric Henson,( an officer in the army) also shares this same dream and wants to hopefully draw for a big studio as well.  What both men learn is that it takes a lot more than just mere fandom to want to write and create some of the most memorable images in pop culture history.

The next two are a young couple who have met at previous convention and are going back again.  James Darling wants  this to be a memorable experience for his girlfriend Se Young Kang and vows to propose to her at a Kevin Smith Panal.  I have yet to see a marriage proposal scene that has made me cheer as much as it did in this flick. Besides he has the last name Darling, how could you not cheer this couple on.

Chuck Rozanski is known as the survivor.  He has been coming this festival back when they only just had comic books.  Now those art works have been pushed towards the back so that movie studios can have the main floor to pimp out their latest releases.  Still he has always found a way to stay in the game by getting and selling some of the most rare comic titles ever.  His latest is a rare issue of "Red Raven" that has never been reprinted and he hopes to sell it.

The very last subject of this documentary is one you should take notice of now, because I believe she will make a great contribution to the world of  costume design and special effects in the future.   Her name is Holly Conrad and her team has created a tribute to the game "Mass Effect 2" that is just mind blowing.  She was able to use animatronics and effects that are really worth the praise they are getting.   What makes it even more amazing is that they all did it for free before they went to Comic-Con.   It was just their passion and determination that made them want to succeed.  That kind of drive makes this story all that more dramatic.  I am going to predict that in a few years Holly Conrad and her team will be just as recognizable as Stan Winston and his team was.

Even if you don't geek out that much on Movies and T.V.  You will still find this movie to be very fascinating because of all the hard work these people achieve.  It takes a lot of courage to go out there and show your passion to complete strangers and let them judge you.  It takes even more to have it featured in a documentary that the whole world can watch. The documentary never looks down on anybody and embraces that inner geek that is inside all of us and makes it come out.  Even I got a tad worried that a person who already collects tons of toys already  may not get the figure he wanted.  That is impressive.