Monday, April 30, 2012

Early Review: God Bless America

God Bless America.

Cast: Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Baar

Writer and Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

**'s out of four

Available on Itunes and Video On Demand

 Right within the first ten minutes of this movie a character who is so upset with his neighbors being loud and inconsiderate dreams about killing them.   Not only does he kill the parents, but he also shoots their baby after the mother tries to use it as a shield.  I mention this part because it lets you know right away if you want to continue with this movie or not.   This is a movie that does push a lot of buttons and if you're easily offended you're not gonna like it much.

The story focuses on a man named Frank(Joel Murray) who believes the world has gotten worse.  No one is kind anymore and he is upset that we make celebrities out of people who are good at being complete assholes("Jersey Shore" "Real Housewives Of....") or people who are there just to be made fun of (The first round contestants of "American Idol") There are no more original ideas because everyone just spouts out what they saw on TV the night before.  This type of human behavior has upset Frank so much that he wants to end his life.  But before he can do it he happens to see a scene from one of those  Super Sweet Sixteen shows and sees a teenager being a real cunt(I don't like using that word, but trust me she is).  This gives him the idea that before he can die he has to rid the world of this one girl.   After he kills her(not a spoiler since it gives it away in the trailer) he is discovered by another young girl named Roxy(Tara Lynne Baar) and the two decide to rid the world of all the douchebags.

  I enjoyed a lot of moments in this flick, including the scene where they go to the theatre and take revenge on people who talk and txt during a movie.We have all thought about it at one time or another.  There is also a great moment at the beginning that has Frank talking about everything that is wrong with the media to his coworker that I fully agree with.  The casting of the two leads is great and Tara Lynne Baar has some great screen presence too. But after I watched it I noticed that I only liked just  a few scenes and not the whole movie itself. 

For starters the main characters are not fully developed,and are just one note personalities.  Frank is depressed and full of anger,while Roxy is just, well plain psychotic. Neither of them have any back story that fully explains why they are feeling the way they do. Earlier we are told that Frank has a tumor, but even that doesn't explain much because he had these feelings of anger even before he went to the doctor. I can't imagine this one health issue would cause a person to want to kill.   Another thing that was missing was a lack of challenges. All through out I was expecting some sort conflict to happen and it never does.  Yes they went after groups they thought were the bad guys, but they really didn't have to face any real problems themselves. Frank once had a wife and daughter, and I know he is upset that she is constantly spoiling her, but he never confronts her with  that issue.  I also found it hypocritical that he would go after some celebrties and not others. It's easy to attack Woody Allen for marrying his underage step daughter, but no one goes after Hugh Hefner for constantly dating underage girls too.

I somewhat enjoy Goldthwait's earlier  movies "Shakes The Clown" and "World's Greatest Dad" and I look forward to watching this one again or at least my favorite moments.


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