Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movie Review of The Raid: Redemption.

The Raid:  Redemption

Cast:: Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim

Writer and Director: Gareth Evans

*** and 1/2*'s out of four

                        (Poster: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

Take your favorite action movie, multiply it by one hundred and you would still be nowhere as close as this film.  This is an action lovers wet dream.  Non stop gun battles, sword fighting, and fist bouts are in this entertaining escapade. All throughout, I gasped, I laughed and I marveled at many of the impressive stunt work this team does.  Any moment that doesn't have  an amazing action sequence is replaced with moments of real tension and suspense.    This is one movie I highly suggest you go and seek out.

The best part about The Raid: Redemption is it's story.  There is no need for any sort of complex plot or detailed character developments in this one because it's just not needed.  All you need to know is that a bunch of S.W.A.T team like cops are infiltrating an apartment complex run by a sadistic crime boss and his henchmen.   That's it.

The action moments are jaw dropping   There are some shots that are not easy to explain including one that is almost a POV shot of someone crashing out of a window on a high floor.  I also like that this doesn't hold back on any of the violence and this can get pretty damn bloody.  Up close shots of people getting their heads blown off and limbs being hacked off by large kitchen utensils are just some of the cringe worthy moments that are in here.  If you are one of those that gets queasy at the sight of blood or any real heavy violence, you may want to avoid this one.  For all others, please enjoy.

The movie does tend to drag a little bit when you see one of the cops confront his brother who has joined the bad side or when you see that same cop at home with his pregnant wife before the raid.  However,these moments are minuscule and should not take you out of this story.  The only other thing that might be an issue for some( and it really shouldn't) is that it's a foreign language movie, which means yes it has subtitles.  This really shouldn't discourage you from seeing it, because there is not that much dialogue in it.   You could even turn the subtitles option off and you would still be able to understand it.

                     (Photo Courtosey of Pt. Merantau Films)

It's inevitable that a remake of this will most likely be made but I urge many of you to check this one out first.  As good as some remakes might be.  I believe American studios would try to tone down some of the more heavily violent moments and try to pass this with a possible PG-13 rating.   The whole idea of a remake is making me think of the 1984 comedy "Gremlins".   The movie is like a Mogwai and Pt. Merantau Films(The Studio) is like the old Chinese guy who owns the creature/film.  America is like the dad who only wanted a pet for his son.  So we get our hands on a great property but we forgot to read the rules.  Now we're over feeding it and watering it down.  Next thing you know this once great pet has transformed into a monster that has wiped out anyone's faith in seeing movies again.  In short, We are not ready.