Friday, April 13, 2012

The Weekend Watch 04/13/2012.

Hello there everyone. Sorry about the lateness of this post, but I had a very late show last night with my band and just did not get a chance to write this until now.

Yes my dear friends it's now Friday the 13th, and if your a superstitious fellow or lady. You might consider this day to be very unlucky. So that's why in an effort to help cure you of any bad luck. I bring with me some good tidings and some cheer. Here are some movies that should be opening in your area soon.   I think this is  better than a four leaf clover or some other lucky charms.

Note**** Remember to check your listings before heading out. and of course the following are just comments not actual reviews of the movie itself.

 Cabin In The Woods.

I'm not posting the trailer because I believe it gives too much away. I'm not even going to tell you any basic plot details except that it is a horror movie written by Joss Whedon("Firefly","Dollhouse") about kids who go to a cabin and get attacked. It plays on what you think you know about horror films and I can't wait to see this.


 A prison in space has just been taken over by criminals and only one man can stop them. This looks like a really fun action movie. Something that I would look forward to seeing on a big screen.  This has elements of "Commando" and  "Escape From New York".  I just worry that with the PG-13 rating,  You really won't get any sense of real danger from any of the villains in this.

The Three Stooges

 I guess I would be more into this if they didn't modernize it. I would much rather prefer it if they kept the stooges in the same time period. All they would need to do is just expand on one of their classic shorts. Than again you could make the same argument that if that was going to be done. Why not just watch those shorts instead. I think all the main actors here do a great job with playing the iconic trio. But once I saw any of the cast of "The Jersey Shore" in this, I tuned out.

The Lady

 Luc Besson directs his first movie for adults in over five years to tell the story of a woman's struggle against oppression in her own country. Whenever Besson does action movies or stylish sci-fi flicks. He usually comes out as a winner, but whenever he does a period film(remember "The Messenger"). The results aren't always as good.

 Life Happens.

 Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth are two friends who are constantly having sex with every guy they meet. I don't even think they leave their apartments. When one of them gets pregnant and has a kid(it skips over those 9 months so we don't get scenes of her upset about her weight, I'm guessing) she actually does find love with(what a surprise) another attractive guy, but it's unclear if he feels the same way about her. I have a feeling that this character will continue to be in relationships that are just bad for the rest of her life. She is a very shallow person that I really don't want to spend a minute with, much less two hours.

Monsieur Lazhar

A teacher from Algeria comes to France to teach a classroom after their teacher dies. Yes I get that he is faced with opposition from some parents and teachers, but all the kids seem to like him. I really can't tell any more about the plot from this trailer, but it looks kind of bland. However, this was nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars this year. So maybe it's not as bland as I think.

Hit so Hard. The life and near death of Patty Schemel.

This is only recommended for fans of the band "Hole". I actually like a lot of their songs and I thought their "Live Through This" album was one of the best rock records of the 90's. Patty Schemel was the drummer of that band and she documented her tour with the band. If you ever wanted to see what goes on backstage during a tour of a rock show with no edits or fillers, this is one to check out.  You also get to see some candid videos of Kurt Cobain and his little known group. Nirvana.

What do you think of this weeks' releases? Are you going to check any of them out?


  1. No, I'm staying home. Anything that involves The Jersey Shore is a guarantee that it will suck. I despise that show and anyone who wastes their time watching that bullshit.

  2. I hear the cast of the Jersey Shore gets beaten up by Moe but yeah I agree that they have over extenended their visit. Why they are still on TV I'll never know?