Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sound Of My Voice: Movie Review

Sound Of My Voice

Cast:  Brit Marling, Christopher Denham

Writers: Brit Marling, Zal Batmanglij

Director: Zal Batmanglij

* and a1/2 out of four.

 Did this movie run out of funding when it was being made, because it felt that way to me.  There is a moment in this that really sets it up for a great third act, but instead of going further with the story, it just ends.  Now I don't mind some flicks having ambiguous endings because it adds more to the story, but this one does not.  There are some characters that are introduced but never fully developed.  Questions about our main characters that never get revealed and I felt like someone forgot to put the third reel of this movie that I found to be very interesting.

When the movie opens we see Peter(Christopher Denham) and his girlfriend Lorna (Nicole Vicius) arrive at someones' garage.  They are then  blindfolded and driving to this underground compound where they meet other members of this cult.  Their leader Maggie (Brit Marling) tells the new recruits that she is from the year 2054.  Both Peter and Lorna believe that this woman is a fraud and want to expose her for a documentary they are shooting.

There is a great moment when you see her tell something tragic about Peter's past that makes you believe she could be could be from the future.  That feeling is reversed when she sings a song from the future only to have it be "Dreams" by the Cranberries.  I even liked the tension that was forming between both Peter and Lorna as their involvement with this cult goes deeper and deeper. I just wished all of their stories had some sort of closure.  There are even stories that involve a police detective and a little girl that really could have helped add more to this mystery about Maggie  but since the movie felt like it was cut short.  What was the point of even introducing them in the first place.

I really liked Brit Marling's debut effort "Another Earth" and I think she is a talented screenwriter.  I just wanted  this movie have a conclusion.  I realize that the point of this was for you to decide if this woman is a fraud or not.  But not enough info was giving on either side to help me with that decision.


  1. Thank you for not really liking this movie. Before it was released it had an interesting enough synopsis, but afterwards there were too many reviews praising it and it really just seemed to be nothing but metaphysical garbage.

  2. Thanks for the comment Alex. I just wish they would have gone further with the story especially after what was revealed at the end.

  3. Just to sort of counter, I opened my review praising the film for that exact reason Alex said "metaphysical".

    For starters, no one should comment on an article thanking someone for not liking a movie. Alex, are you under the impression Vern enjoyed watching a film he didn't like? I suspect not. Also, it's never kosher to dislike the film because a multitude of film critics have given in a positive review.

    I - as you know Vern - was enthralled by the film. Evocative and beautiful, Marling has a real knack for making the viewer gauge their own thoughts and beliefs.

    Like I said on my site, I can see your side of the story - albeit that I disagree.

    Nice review man. Keep up the enthusiasm.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sam.

    I just wanted there to be more information in this because the whole movie just gives little hints that she may or may not be from the future. I'm not saying that it has to tell you the answer, but I felt the writing was lazy because she didn't show the characters wanting to seek out the answer.

  5. I'll stick a review of this up during the coming week. Too many questions left unanswered. Why was the girl building black bricks? What was going on with her father? Was that DA from the future too on some Terminator shit? I’d give it a 4/5 still because I found it very compelling and thought Marling was fantastic as the cult leader. Just a shame the director didn’t/couldn’t provide more answers.

    1. Thanks Steven. I look forward to watching your review shortly