Friday, May 4, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 05/04/2012

Hello everyone, how are you doing?  This weekend is going to be very epic for me.  On Saturday night Im going to a very awesome Cinco De Mayo party and the following morning I will be on The LAMBcast to record our discussion about the movie "Heathers".

The only movie that is on everyone's agenda this weekend is "The Avengers" but I still want to show people that there are other choices to spend your hard earned movie bucks on as well.  

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A group of Elderly men and woman find love and adventure at a hotel in India. This has a good cast and is indeed heartwarming without being sappy,but this is not meant for me. I will eventually watch this, and may end up loving  it, but for now I'll pass. Seeing  a bunch of old people drink and have sex is not for me.


A girl gets her heartbroken, but than realizes her best friend has romantic feelings for her in this really pathetic teen drama. This looks more like a Noxzema commercial  from the 90's than it does a movie about the youth of today.   I have no problems with Miley Cyrus, but if she really wants to impress me with her acting she's going to have to do something outside her comfort zone.

First Position

6 ballet dancers prepare for one of the most highly praised competitions in the world in this well done documentary. I am not a big fan of ballet, but I am amazed at the work and determination these individuals do. Their bodies are put through more hell than a David Croenenberg feature, and how they do some of their moves downright  amazes me.  These are not just dancers these are top rated athletes.

The Perfect Family

A highly religious mother tries to change the lifestyles of the people in her family in order to win a church reward. This looks all right, but it's something I have seen before. The mother will spend time trying to change everyone but then will eventually learn to love them for who they are.  This may sound shallow but Kathleen Turner has not aged well.   I still can't believe  that this is  the same woman who was in "Body Heat" and "Romancing The Stone".  I really felt I was watching a man in drag  do an impersonation of Miss Turner when watching this trailer.

Mother's Day

A family is taken hostage by two demented brothers and a mother in this remake of an 80's horror flick. I have not seen the original, but after seeing the trailers for both versions I prefer the remake. Rebecca DeMornay is more menacing and evil while the psychotic mother in the 80's version is just laughable. I wont argue that this does follow some genric horror movie tropes but I still want to see this.

Last call at the Oasis

The world's water supply is becoming more and more contaminating in this latest eco documentary. I really hope that this one gives audiences some suggestions on how to fix the problem instead of just giving us examples about the problem itself. Too many times when a movie addresses an issue it never gives people an answer to help solve it. While the heart is in the right place There needs to be some brains in there too.

A Little bit of Heaven

A woman who loves to party and sleep around refuses to stop when she finds out she has cancer. This is nothing more than a bad rehash of the much better "50/50" that was released last year. The whole cast just feels wasted in this film that fails at both being a drama and a comedy. This one will have a lot of raunchy one liners that will make some people laugh and than it will have the main character do a breakdown scene, and everything will be sad for aproxitmaley one minute.  But I predict everything will be fine in the end. Pass.

Meeting Evil

Hasn't Samuel L Jackson learned before that he is not menacing enough to be the scary villain in a thriller. He's even less threatening than he was in "Lakeview Terrace". After watching this trailer twice I still have no idea on what the story is really about. I'm guessing that it involves Luke Wilson's character being arrested for a crime that Jackson's character committed and if he doesn't clear his name soon, his family may be in danger.   The only danger would be to waste your time with this flick.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Mother's Day seems interesting. I don't think that I've ever seen the original so I'll have to look out for it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to reading your review on either version.