Friday, May 11, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 05/11/2012

Summer doesn't officially start until I hear this song, that's why I had to post it here.

Yes folks. The heat is on and as a movie fan I couldn't be happier  My two favorite times to be in the theatres are the fall and summer and this season is bound to give us some great titles.  However if your looking for a lot of blockbuster flicks this weekend.  You may be disappointed because only major title is getting a release.    With that said, I do hope you take a chance and seek out these other titles as well.

Note*** Remember to check your listings before you head out, and this you can click on titles in red to read the full review

Dark Shadows.

Noise of jubilation.  It's Tim Burton and Johnny Depp re teaming yet again for another fantasy movie.  This one has Depp as a vampire waking up in the 70's after a curse was cast by the very sexy Eva Green.  The original television series was a drama, while this is a very silly comedy.  If this was made early in Burton's career, I would be excited to see it.  Now it just looks like a really bad copy of one of his good movies.

Where Do We Go Now.

Winner of the people's choice awards at the Toronto film festival.  This story is about two women from two different religious backgrounds who come together to help get their husbands to stop fighting with eachother.  I gotta say this does look funny, and with the recent war going on in the middle east about tthe same topic.  This could be an important social movement.

God Bless America

What do you do when the people of the world piss you off.  Well if your anything like the main character, you solve your problems the good old American way, and that is with guns and violence.  Joel Murrary plays a man who is so pissed off at people being rude, he goes on a killing spree.  This latest dark comedy from director Bobcat Goldthwait has a lot of funny moments  It just doesn't pull off a full complete movie


Why do some movie studios insist on using the "Clockwork Orange" tactic when making a trailer  Just because it has words like , controversial, brutal, and violent flash on the screen in black.  Doesn't mean it necessarily is.   Chloe Grace Moretz plays a young runaway who cons people out of their money on her way to Las Vegas .  The trailer doesn't tell what the story is about, which in most cases could help the movie but in this case I think it could hurt it.

Tonight Your Mine.

Two indie rockers are handcuffed to each other after they get into an argument, and now have to spend the whole day together at a rock festival.  Of course the two form a bond and will eventually fall in love near the end.  This is a played out plot element that is used in every romantic movie and I'm getting fucking sick of it.    I realize that conflict is essential to a story, but this is just weak screenwriting.  

A Bag Of Hammers

Two small time crooks adopt a young boy in this quirky indie comedy.  I use the word quirky but I really don't have that much praise for this movie.  Even though it has Rebecca Hall in the cast.  This doesn't look like something I have to run out and watch in theatres right away.  Now if these two guys were career criminals who bring this kid in on a job who then turns out to be a better crook.  I would see that move.

See you at the movies.