Friday, May 18, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 05/18/2012

Damn.  It's been a whole two weeks and I still have not seen "The Avengers"  I tried to see it on my day off but by the time I got to the theatre, it had already started.  True I could have just walked in, but I didn't want to look like a complete dick.  I could of shilled out the extra bucks for the Imax 3D showing, but even that would have been a bit much.  Hey I love Joss Whedon, but I'll be damned if he's gonna get all of my money just yet.  Unless he writes and directs a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" movie.

This weekend we have a few choices to wet your appetite until the next huge blockbuster takes all of your money.    So let's see what flick deserves your weekly pay.  Remember to check your listings before heading out because many of these may not be playing in your area just yet.


If this movie didn't take itself so damn seriously.  I would be excited to see it.  The premise alone of aliens invading a fleet of Navy ships has camp value written all over it. That and it's based off a board game too.  Why are they treating this like a serious movie is beyond me.  My guess is that if it was treated as a B most general audience would probably stay away.

The Dictator:

Yes I know this movie has already opened, but this article is called The Weekend Watch, not The Weekday Welcome.   Sacha Baron Cohen has created two memorable comedies with "Borat" and "Bruno".  In both of those movies a wild unhinged character is put into real life situations with real people.  Seeing  general people  react to these characters is what makes those films so damn funny.  "The Dictator" gets rid of the whole faux documentary style used in those other movies to give you a general story about a dictator and his quest to America.   Not quite sure if this new style will pay off, but the trailer looks pretty funny.  I even have a bit of respect for Megan Fox for making fun of herself in this.

What to Expect When Your Expecting

It's not really fair for me to offer an opinion about this movie because I am not a parent,yet after watching this trailer. It almost turned me off at even the idea of having sex, and no movie besides "Irreversible" has done that before.  Instead of showing a bunch of famous good looking celebrities with their fake problems about parenting.  They could have shown real couples go through their experiences with having kids.  


Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal star in this period drama about the invention of the vibrator.  Yes it's one of those movies that talks a lot about sex, but will never show you anything.  Trust me, you will never get to see how this invention works in this movie. I realise that that is not the intention the filmmakers want, but if your point is to discuss sex but still hide things about it, then why even bother telling us about it in the first place.


This looks to be a very intense drama despite the uplifting music towards the end of the trailer.  The story focuses on a division of a France police department that specialises in cases involving children.  With this many characters involved I would guess that this would be a very good television series, but the movie does have my interest.  

Lovely Molly.

The premise of this movie looks like one I have seen numerous times before.  A woman believes she is being threatened by a dangerous spirit, but no one believes her.  I like the fact that this movie doesn't rely on the whole found footage approach to try and scare it's audience members.  This looks like a solid horror movie that I'm excited to see.


Poor Jennifer Connelly.  She hasn't appeared in a comedy in quite some time, and now is in one that is getting really bad reviews.( currently the movie sits at 0 percent at Rotten Tomatoes) The story has her character in an affair with her with a politician (Ed Harris).  He is trying to hide it while she tries to expose it.  Somewhere along the way she robs a band with a gorilla mask, and there is a message about religion in there, but I'm not too sure.  Watching this trailer I liked seeing Miss Connelly do a more comedic role,and I'm interested in seeing this.  I just don't want to spend any money at the cinemas to do so. When this comes to Netflix, I'll give it a shot.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I hope to be back on Monday with another new article.   Thanks for reading.  


  1. Battleship was released here about six weeks ago. It is really awful. I hope it bombs in the US so they'll stop making this tripe.

  2. I agree Tom. "Battleship" taking itself more seriously makes me not want to see this, but it will be in the top 5.

  3. I don't get it. Everyone knows that Battleship will be a pile of garbage, and have ever since it was announced, but so many bloggers will still presumably pay good money to go see it and review it over something like Polisse.

  4. I'm glad bloggers are going to review "Battleshit" because it saves me money. Too bad "Polisse" doesn't open in my area for at least another week, but "Sound Of My Voice" did and Im excited by that.

    Thanks for commenting Tristesse