Monday, June 11, 2012

1977: The Year I Made Contact (a Movie Waffler Blogathon)

The Movie Waffler is hosting a Blogathon where a bunch of us writers are listing the movies that were released the year we were born.  So far the only other year that has been discussed is 1975 and now I'm going to discuss my year, 1977.

5.  House

This has nothing to do with the recent medical show or that one horror movie that co-stared Bull from "Night Court".  This one is an insane, yet really creative, Japanese ghost story.  The basic premise is that a bunch of young girls are asked to spend the weekend at their friend's aunt's house.  Of course, once they get there, the place turns out to be haunted and a bunch of weird shit begins happening.  There is nothing I can say that will prepare you for watching this flick.  It has some of the strangest visuals I have ever witnessed and I see a lot of odd movies.  The movie's story was conceived by the director's 8-year-old daughter and when you watch it, it does make sense.  This is the type of story kids would have told to scare each other.

4.  Slap Shot

I'm not a big fan of sports movies.  I think they all follow the same basic formula and have the same conclusion.  "Slap Shot",  however, is different because it doesn't care if its team wins or loses.  No, the managers just want to put together a team that can get more ticket sales by having its team-mates beat the living crap out of each other.  Paul Newman is great as the team's cranky coach who helps lead the team to victory, but the stand-out performances go to Jeff, Steve, and David Carlson as the Hanson Brothers.

3.  Star Wars

As much as I hate George Lucas for making the changes that he did, I can't deny he did create one of the most loved movie trilogies of all time.  This was such a huge part of my childhood and I remember fondly watching this with my family when I was young.  In the late 90's, I finally got to see this on the big screen and  it was a huge deal.  I just wish I had gotten to see it without all of the extra crap that was added.

2.  Close Encounters of The Third Kind

Steven Spielberg's answer to "Star Wars" was a little bit more intellectual in that it showed a realistic portrayal of what would happen if aliens from outer space came to earth.  Richard Dreyfuss' character becomes so consumed with these beings that he gives up his entire family in order to find them.  I like that they don't treat these beings as an immediate threat.  Of course, there is reason to be alarmed, but unlike most movies they don't break out the high powered weapons.  It's almost as if they were saying, "We are not alone and there is no need to be afraid."  A really great motion picture.

1.  Annie Hall

Very few movies have been able to capture romance and relationships on screen better than this.  Every single rom-com that you like owes a lot to Woody Allen, because he basically changed the structure of the format.  Even if you don't particularly like his brand of humor, you will still like this because what he has to say about love is very true.  Most of us continue on with getting into relationships, despite it being irrational and crazy, because we need the eggs.

You can find the rest of the articles by clicking the link here   The Movie Waffler


  1. Never seen House or Slap Shot, but Star Wars is a definite favourite. Like every other fan I also hated the prequels. Did you see this before or after Phantom Menace came out? For someone like me who'd seen it hundred times since the mid 80s, the anticipation was incredible. And what a let down it turned out to be. Will forever hate Jake Lloyd.

    1. The Prequels would have been fine if George didn't rush on the story line itself. He should have just done the follow up with Luke Han and Leia where he gets tempted by the dark side and gets to know more about his father. i think that would have been a more exciting story. Thanks for the comment

  2. I see you mentioned 1973, do you know who did this as they haven't notified me?

    1. That was a misprint. I misread someone's post on the Lamb Forum and thought it was a post for your blogathon. My bad

  3. TheVern - Very jealous of your top 5. That would make an awesome movie marathon. Had the good fortune to see Hausu on the big screen last year. So good...

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. Hausu was playing at a theatre near me once , but I couldn't make it out to there on time. Hopefully it will come back.

  4. The Year of Star Wars... what a great top 3... couldn't have asked for better :-)

    1. Thank you so much for the comments. I wish I could have seen the original trilogy on the big screen. Sorry for late reply.

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