Thursday, June 7, 2012

JScratch movie review for SUNSHINE (2007)

Reviewer: JScratch

Rating - 9 out of 10 (quite possibly 10 out of 10)
Overall thought - I am at a loss for words with this movie, it is THAT good. Absolutely breath taking in every possible way does not do this movie justice.

The plot in short. A near future sci-fi film about a mission to deliver a unique payload to our slowly dying Sun in hopes to free our frozen Earth.

The storyline is short and to the point, but please don't let the lack of a drawn out plot fool you in missing out on a spectacular film that oozes brilliance with flawless visuals and emotion that will leave you begging for more. Quite literally everything about this movie in my own belief is the essence of calculated perfection. This movie has an interesting feel to it; it’s very subtle with complex layers overlaid on top, all with effortless natural acting. You could not ask for better casting with Cillian Murphy along with the rest of the cast. Every crew member is completely defined in their purpose and tasks, in accordance to their part of the mission. There are no weak players here. One thing which is somewhat odd for a movie of this type is it does get emotionally draining, which I just love. You feel each of the crews experiences, fears and struggles as they feel the literal weight of Earth's fate resting on their mission, along with their crippling decision they are faced with when one of the crew finds a highly unexpected surprise on their way to deliver their priceless payload, which is Earth's last known hope due to the resources used in production.

My only wish for this movie would be Danny Boyle somehow releases a director’s cut that doubles the movie length because I can't get enough of this movie. If you're like me you just might ask yourself "Can a movie get any better than Sunshine?" I've never had a movie make such an impact on me in my life. In all honesty, this movie leaves me in tears, completely humbled in my own existence helpless without words, and I LOVE IT. Well done Danny Boyle, well done. My hat is off to you good sir!


  1. Great post. I have not seen this in a while and when I did it was on a small T.V. The visuals were quite amazing. Have you seen "Solaris"? The original is a classic but the remake is worth seeking out and it's a bit shorter

  2. I have not seen that movie but if you think its anywhere as good as Sunshine I would really like to see it. Sunshine lends itself to BluRay and huge screens wonderfully.

  3. I'd probably liken this to a 7.5/10. I loved the movie until it turned into a horror film near the end. Danny Boyle had really made an incredible Sci-Fi up until that point. I still recommend it to people, but it disappointed me.

  4. I agree Max it does change its tempo a bit towards the end but it doesn't deter me at all. I've often (weird I know) thought on other ways to do the ending and I come up empty myself. Are you picturing anything specific in mind with an ending Max?

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