Monday, June 18, 2012

JScratch movie review of "The Fall"

The Fall
Reviewer: JScratch
Rating - 9 out of 10

Overall thought - a fantastic film that is just as colorful as it is unique, a true one-of-a-kind movie!

The plot in short: Saddened and angered by his girlfriend leaving him after a movie stunt gone bad, our leading man lies in a hospital contemplating and strategizing his demise. However, unable to do so himself, he seeks out help by an unlikely admirer.

First off, this movie is flat out gorgeous, colorful and full of interesting contrasts and detail. However, this movie is no one-trick pony. The story is just as compelling and could easily stand on its own without incredible visuals. Set during the silent era of movies, it takes place within a hospital as a little girl with a broken arm tries to entertain herself. She wanders the location and stumbles upon Roy, our leading man, confined to his bed after a movie stunt has gone horribly wrong. His motives are quite interesting, ranging from appearing to be genuine, to somewhat devious. He lures this little girl with lavish stories about an epic tale of good vs. evil, in which each character is a colorful rendition of key people within the little girl’s life, mixed with Roy's own hated rival from the movie he was working on. The story is extremely clever, unique, and filled with inspiring locations and visuals and creative cinematography.

As the story progresses beautifully, Roy's motive becomes clear as it starts to tug on your heart strings.  You'll find yourself feeling for his situation and the resulting admiration of the little girl. This story will draw you into her world, as fantasy and reality become the same, to a great finale of an ending.

My only complaint (if I had to say it) is there is a stop motion style animation sequence, which on its own is fairly neat, but feels slightly out of place (in my mind) with this movie. Although, it does make perfect sense with the storyline. However, don't let this stop you from enjoying this wonderful one-of-a-kind movie. Tarsem has done an outstanding job! One of my all time favorite movies by far!

Side Note: I made my own "Spaniard" Halloween costume after this movie and it turned out awesome! Let me know if you want pics to prove it...

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