Friday, June 15, 2012

JScratch movie review of "Your Highness"

Your Highness
Reviewer: JScratch

Rating - 7 out of 10
Overall thought – An absolutely hilarious raunchy adventure movie with a heart-warming side to it.

The plot in short. An evil warlock determined to fulfill an ancient prophecy captures our prince’s bride-to-be, triggering our prince and his less-than-courageous, or capable, brother on an epic quest to rescue the fair maiden and save the world from this warlock.

This movie may not win anyone’s “top movie” picks or win “best film”, but perhaps it should? This movie is as heart-warming as it is hilarious, and yes, just as it is incredibly raunchy. Our main cast does a splendid job and carries their ad-lib humor throughout the entire story, making this movie have immense replay value. I can see this being a great party-type movie. However, you just might find yourself hitting the pause button often, waiting for people to pick themselves up off of the floor and stop laughing so you can hear the movie.

The storyline is simple, it makes sense and flows nicely throughout, I didn’t find myself bored or un-entertained at anytime. The entire premise of a medieval movie with modern dialog/slang and context, make this a truly unique movie. Although the raunchy humor is strongly pronounced throughout, the way it is carried out has an odd style of charm to it. Strange to say, I know, but it's true none the less. For a strict comedy type movie this is easily a 9 out of 10 for me, but on the grand scheme of things this is a solid 7.

If you are easily offended or find raunchy humor beneath you, this is NOT the movie for you. If you want to kick back alone, or surround yourself with friends, and have a great time and laugh until it hurts, you will LOVE this movie. To those on the edge, give it a try and you just might surprise yourself at this wonderful charming story. Highly suggested!


  1. 7/10?! Wow! This was my least favourite film of last year by quite a long way. I like raunchy humour but I didn't laugh once at this (and neither did anyone in the cinema I saw it in). It felt to me as though it was made by 13 year old's with low IQs, for 13 year old's with low IQs.

  2. Again, I'm surprised but love the different reaction from people. I can see why people would not like it, but in our circle of friends we've watched this movie several times already now and I don't see an end to the viewing.

    Is there one spot you thought was particularly terrible? I would like to hear, just for comparison. But I appreciate your input good sir! Keep it coming!

  3. I watched some of it on TV and I couldn't believe this is made by the same guy who did some amazing indies like George Washington, All the Real Girls, Undertow, and Snow Angels. I know what it wanted to be but it ended up be very boring.

  4. I just didn't find it funny. I thought the humour was lazy and the accents were terrible. I remember being disappointed because the trailer was really good but the couple of laughs were in it so I'd already seen then half a dozen times.

  5. I hated this movie. i did not find it funny at all. i like the J-Scratch posted a different opinion about this flick, but I did not care about this movie at all. You can read my review about it here.