Friday, June 8, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 06/08/2012

It looks like each week since "The Avengers" we have had a different movie take the number one spot.  First it was "Men in Black 3", then it was "Snow White and the Huntsman", but neither of them have held that spot for more than one week.  Will "Prometheus" grab hold of the top ranks and stay there?  Or will it, too, lose its grasp after one week?

note*** the following is not a review, they are just my thoughts on the trailers.


I'm going to claim right now this movie will be in the number one spot this Monday.  Everyone seems to be talking about "Prometheus" and its trailer has appeared everywhere.  Even if this had nothing do with the "Alien" franchise it still looks pretty god damn intense and exciting.   Noomi Repace stars with Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron in this really gritty science fiction thriller from the director who helped start it all, Ridley Scott.  If this is a success he may bring us another "Blade Runner" movie.   So very happy, happy.

Madagascar 3

The most annoying thing about this trailer is the zebra dancing around in a rainbow wig yelling that he has a Circus Afro.   So, yes we get another tale of these zoo animals getting lost in the wild, but this time they are in Europe.  Now one would think after the first time they got loose, the level of security at their home would have improved to make sure this doesn't happen again.  This movie is nothing more than just filler.  It's like taking your kids out to McDonald's.  No, that's too nice.  It's like taking your kids out to White Castle.  No, that's also too nice and I could eat a few dozen sliders before I could handle this flick.  "Madagascar 3" is like taking your kids to Super America and letting them eat the food that has been under the heat lamp for a week.

Lola Versus.

Greta Gerwig plays a woman who gets dropped by her fiance (Joel Kinneaman) right before the wedding.  So now she has to go back to the dating pool all over again.  This movie wants to be a quirky indie comedy, but it looks like any other big studio rom com that you've seen.  This is a woman who is getting back into the dating world way too soon.   Any relationship she gets into now will only just remind her of her failed marriage and therefore will not work.  If she were looking for just sex that would be one thing, but it doesn't look like she is.

Dark Horse.

A guy (Jordan Gelbar) who still lives at home with his parents finds love with a girl (Selma Blair) he meets at a wedding.  I had zero interest in seeing this until I saw that Todd Solondz was the writer and director.  Now I have just a mild interest in seeing this.  It just looks like every other movie I see that has a main character who lives at home, but under the direction of Solodnz it could take quite a different approach.  Not quite sure on what to think about Selma Blair's character?  She looks like is a walking zombie throughout the whole preview.

Safety Not Guaranteed

In this story we have a guy (Mark Duplass), claiming to be a time traveler, convince a girl (Aubrey Plaza) to be his assistant on his journey.  She doesn't once question him about the actual logic behind any of it and just goes for it.  It does have a little bit of an appeal, but not enough for me to want to see it in theaters.

Bel Ami.

Hmmm, so Robert Patterson gets to have sex with Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman, and Kristin Scott Thompson all while being supported by their rich husbands.  Not quite sure why he becomes so angry and sad during this trailer.  That would be a great life for me.  Although, I can't really feel bad about a guy who puts himself into complex situations.  If he only wanted to be with one woman, he could have done it.  Maybe he's a sex addict.

Let me know what you think about this week's releases.  Have a good week

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  1. I really want to see Safety Not Guaranteed. The premise seems very interesting indeed. Unfortunately there isn't a release date yet where I live. Heck, if there was an ad like that in real life, I won't be applying but I would want to know what's going on.

    1. LoL I actually would apply. It couldn't be all that bad. Thanks for the comment.