Friday, July 13, 2012

The Weekend Watch: 07/13/2012

This weekend I am going out of town to visit family, but while I'm away I wanted to give you folks a quick peak at what you can expect in theaters this weekend.  

Keep watching your local listings because a lot of the movies I list here may not be appearing in theaters near you.

Ice Age: Continental Drift.

This is one of many franchises that I was sort of excited to see how it would end.  After all, these animals are no longer around anymore so an end to their existince would be correct, but that would never happen.  This property is too huge to just let it die now.  There is no doubt in my mind that this will do well at the box office because no other major studio is willing to compete with it.  Unfortunately, it just looks any other movie in this series.

Easy Money.

Martin Scorsese presents this gritty crime drama from the director of "Safe House", Daniel Espinosa.  I'm not really clear on what the story is about, but it looks to be a very intense movie.

Red Lights.

Two psychiatrists (Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy) investigate a psychic (Robert De Niro) who may or may not be involved with the disapearance of the last person who investigated him.  The premise and trailer did very little to hold my interest, but once I saw that Elizabeth Olsen was in the cast, I immediately got excited and now want to check this out.

The Imposter.

This one grabbed my attention right away because I'm not sure if this is a documentary, a narrative, or a found footage feature.  It seems to incorporate all three.  The story involves a man who tells a grieving family that he is their lost son.  Since the movie is called "The Imposter" I wouldn't be surprised if this whole story were a fraud, but I'm willing to go along on the ride.


This is the latest movie from the director of "Dogtooth", Giorgos Lanthimos.  The trailer leaves me without any idea what this is about, but IMDB claims that it's about a business where the staff plays the role of a dead person to help that person's family get through the grieving process.  I found his last movie to be utterly fascinating, yet disturbing, so I will be on board for this one.


Yawwwwwwwn.  Handsome rich boy meets sexy poor girl and the two elope on a great romantic relationship, only to discover later that they are both not as happy as they thought they were.  This story reminds me vaguely of Michael Winterbottom's "9 Songs" minus the graphic sex and more locations to shoot in.  I like Frida Pinto, but she really hasn't done anything since "Slumdog Millionaire" to gain my interest.

What do you think of this week's picks? Leave me comments and suggestions below.


  1. Red Lights looks pretty interesting, though the latest movies with DeNiro don't encourage me to see it.

    1. Thanks . Yeah I'll see it but it's not something I want to see in theatres.

  2. Red Lights looks pretty intriguing to me. It's a well made trailer too - informative enough to let you know the style and basic story but vague enough to keep you wanting to watch the film.
    Ice Age 4 doesn't look that special. I actually didn't know there were this many in the series, they are all blurred together in one same looking film.

    1. Red Lights is something I want to see but would rather watch at home so I can rewind anything I might have missed in the plot.

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