Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Days In New York: Movie Review

2 Days In New York

Cast: Chris Rock, Julie Delpy

Writers: Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alexandre Nahon

Director: Julie Delpy

** and 1/2 *s out of Four

I have been a fan of Julie Delpy ever since I saw the movie "White", which was the second chapter in the "Three Colors Trilogy" from Krzystof Kieslowski.  Around the same time, I had seen her in Roger Avary's "Killing Zoe" and Richard Linklatter's "Before Sunrise".  "2 Days In New York" is the follow up to her directorial hit movie "2 Days In Paris" and, in my opinion, it is a much better movie.  The characters are more interesting and the dialouge is more refreshing.  It's too bad the movie falls into the usual cliches that are found in most romantic comedies.

Marion (Julie Delpy) has been living with her boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock) for a while and they are very happy.  They both have children from a previous relationship and, for the most part, are really happy.  That is, until her family from France comes to visit and cultures clash in the Big Apple.

The one thing I liked right away was the chemistry between Rock and Delpy.  I bought into them being a couple right away.  Even when they were arguing, I could still tell that they really loved each other very much.  The actors who played the rest of her family were also very good.  Albert Delpy (that's right, Juile's real life dad) is very funny as the big hearted, but clueless, father.  Co-screenwriter Alexia Landeau is also great as the sexy, but crazy, sister who brings Marion's ex -boyfriend with her to New York.  They all have really funny moments with our main leads and although parts may feel scripted, it never once stop being genuine and hilarious at times.

The only bad thing to comment on about this film is near the end.  Marion's family is making Mingus angry and you know that there is going to be a moment when a fight happens and either he walks out or she does.  The way they handle that has been done to death in other movies before and in here it just felt like a lazy excuse.  There is also a side story about selling her soul at an art show that could have been removed.

As far as romantic comedies go, this was still really good and worth checking out when you want to have a nice movie that both you and the one you love can watch together.