Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As You Watch Episode 2: Dick Tracy

Allight movie peeps.  Are you ready for a brand new episode of As You Watch, featuring the talents of  myself, Bubbawheat of "Flights Tights and Movie Nights", Nick of Cinematic Katzenjammer and Joe from Two Dude Review?   It's only our second episode and we are getting just a little bit better each time we do this.

On this latest installment we focus on the 1990 Warren Beatty comic book film "Dick Tracy" and list our top 3 favorite gangster flicks that don't normally get seen.  We also talk about new titles that are comming out to both DVD and in Theatres,and at the end we play a fun game.   Next week we review the South Korean flick "I Saw The Devil" and list our top 3 best revenge flicks ever made.   Let's not dawdle about much longer, and get into some great conversations.

To listen to the episode, Please click here to find us on Podomatic.  You can also find our show in Itunes as well.

Huge Thanks to The Jelly Project for letting us use their song "Crazy World" for the opening song.