Friday, August 3, 2012

JScratch movie review of Amadeus (1984) - The Directors Cut

Amadeus (1984) - The Directors Cut
Reviewer: JScratch

Rating - 8 out of 10
Overall thought – A wonderful and colorful film for all music fans as well as non music fans.

The plot in short. A story about a fairly self-made musicians who becomes a part of the kings council for music and his struggle towards a strange untraditional newcomer that is all the talk and rage of Europe in this time.

Please do not let this seemingly simple, perhaps mundane plot misguide you on this classic story. This movie should not be missed by anyone in my opinion. Unless you absolutely just can’t stand period pieces you will most likely enjoy this movie and then some. The name implies classical music, as it should obviously, however you do not have to necessarily love classical music nor have any knowledge of it to truly enjoy this movie.

Here we have a simple lowly boy (Salieri) who genuinely loves music, despite his fathers hatred for it. Appearing as a sign from above he is allowed to pursue and progress into this world he loves so much. His talent awards him with many luxuries in life as well as a spot in the company of his king. His life was seemingly perfect until a truly gifted newcomer to the world of music who is anything but traditional, in his appearance, in his actions, and also within his approach to music. This newcomer (Mozart) becomes all the talk in Europe and quickly becomes a household name all while Salieri’s name dwindles and becomes forgotten. Enraged by this offensive and obscene beast of a person he seeks revenge on Mozart in his own subtle and unique way. Not all goes as planned however, as Salieri finds himself in unexpected situations with Mozart.

Honestly this movie is outstanding. Both versions of the film, the original and the director’s cut are both well done however in this specific case the director’s cut does actually add substantial elements to the movie to make it just that much better. With that in mind it does get a bit long in duration. That would be my only gripe. It’s still good with every breath but you might find yourself antsy in its 3 hour length. Highly suggested to all!


  1. Amadeus is spectacular; I think it just reads like a drama, not so much as a period piece, but the music and Mozart's childish humor bring enough levity to the production to make it fun to watch.

    I also just wrote about how fabulous I think the special features are :) If you can, you should check them out. They're full of interviews with the cast and crew done 20 years after filming, and they tell some really fascinating stories!